Every religion in India follows a different burial ritual but with the rise of coronavirus and the current dilemma of the mortuaries filling up, dead bodies are lying around in hospitals with no one to claim them.

With climate change giving a major scare and people becoming more aware of its effects, it’s time to replace the traditional coffins that continue to litter our earth.

Jennifer DeBruyen, an Associate Professor of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science at the University of Tennessee stated that coffins use an ample amount of energy to produce and are used for a short amount of time. They also take time to break down after being buried.

Biodegradable Solution

Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli are Italian designers who have invented the Capsula Mundi, which looks like an egg but is an organic casket that will turn the dead into a tree after they pass away.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to watch a life grow from the deceased?

Not only would it be beneficial for the environment as numerous trees would be planted, but it will also be more hopeful than the cold and grey tombstone filled mortuaries.

After the burial, the biodegradable plastic outer shell breaks down and the remains of the deceased provide nutrients to a sapling planted right above it. Imagine looking up at a tree, and feeling the presence of your loved one, knowing that they gave life to the beautiful and lively leaves and branches.

Did you know, Luke Perry, the Riverdale actor who died in 2019, chose to be buried in an eco-friendly mushroom suit? It is a zero waste way of becoming one with nature and letting the body decay how it was meant to be.

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How much do organic burial pods cost?

In 2020, organic pods are easily available online along with the mushroom suit. Organic pods cost $457 whereas the mushroom suit costs $1500.

Pet Initiative in India

The organic pods have made a way to India through an initiative called Last Ripple. It turns your beloved pet, who has passed away, into a living, breathing plant.

We have partnered with the only pet crematorium in Bengaluru and speak to the pet parents about our initiative. Some of them find it beautiful and have come forward to turn the ashes of their pets into plants. Within the first week of our venture, we were approached by a Bengaluru-based family who had lost their beloved dog, Leo. They requested us to plant a Hibiscus plant in his urn,” Pramodh, the mind behind Last Ripple, shares.

There were many who preferred a Bonsai tree and kept their furry companions at home after death while others who believed that the ashes should not be at home preferred to bury it elsewhere.

This is a pragmatic and exceptionally beautiful idea and initiative. Who wouldn’t love to have a memory tree of their loved ones?

Even though organic pods are illegal in many countries including Italy, having an organic pod in India for pets is a huge step forward.

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