A woman’s Reddit post went viral a few days ago after she questioned the basis of a one-way interview and told how she rejected doing one for a company.

She wrote “I’m currently employed, but I’ve been casually applying to jobs because I want to keep my options open. This is a new thing I saw after applying to a job last week. They emailed me saying they were interested, but wanted me to do a ‘one-way interview’ which is where I’d have to record myself on video answering interview questions. And I’m not going to do that.

I ignored their first request, but they emailed me again today randomly (a week later) to clarify something about the salary, and asking if I’d be interested in completing the one-way interview so I could be considered. This screenshot is my response.”

She further wrote that she “Would love to hear what people’s thoughts are on this. Maybe my expectations are too high, but this just seems a bit dehumanizing to me. I also wonder if this is going to be (or already is) a common thing. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the job market.”

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One person replied to the post saying “I did one of these recently. It was weird and unnatural. Got called for a real interview though” and another wrote “It’s lazy interviewing. They likely screen the worst candidates this way, but it’s lazy, so a red flag.”

One user recounted their own experience writing “I did one once for an internal promotion at my last company. It was horribly awkward and uncomfortable, and I am someone who is naturally outgoing. I don’t like not being able to see people and their body language though.”

One person asked if the original poster had gotten a response, to which the woman replied “Thanks, I appreciate that. This was the response: ‘I’m sorry, but due to the sheer volume of applications we’ve received, that’s just not feasible for us unless you’re willing to follow the instructions. If you’re not, then unfortunately it’s not going to work out.’

The odd thing about it is, they reached out to me again a week after sending the initial request, specifically to clarify something about the salary and asking me again to do this one-way interview, which makes me think they either don’t have that many qualified applicants, or that no one’s wanting to do this thing, lol. Who knows though!”

This is not the first time that one-way interviews have been criticised and warned against. Around 3 years ago, user @OnlyInquirySerious posted on Reddit how one-way interviews are “extremely impolite and sends signals that your potential employer does not have the resources to interview all candidates, in which case, they’re using your video to collect data and sell it. It also says that they don’t care about you, because they’d rather have you talk to yourself than an actual human being.”

They further wrote “Getting a job is not the point, it’s about using your data to further eliminate candidates from the application process. Interviews are a two way street. You have just as much right to learn about a company as they do about you. Don’t cave in a dehumanize yourself or fall for corporate trickery.”

Another user wrote in a Reddit post “One-way interviews are discriminatory. You know how most people advise you to not put your photo on your resume? Well there’s a reason for that. Companies will never ever admit to it but if they’re looking for someone younger to mold into their perfect image and you’re not young looking, that could be held against you. Again, they’ll never admit it.”

Would you be willing to do a one-way interview? Tell us in the comments below.

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