It is not strange to hear companies having a long list of rules for their employees. Often these are on the basic side with offices having a time by which employees should clock in, lunch hours and more, individual teams might have their own personalised rules.

There are also instances when some offices make up rules ranging from just being bizarre to plain inhumane.

Just last year, in November reports came out that Amazon was forcing its employees to follow their new rule, which asked employees to be in the office for three days a week if they wanted a promotion.

Recently, a post has gone viral where someone posted a company’s list of rules and people commenting on how bizarre they are.

What Does The Post Say?

A few days ago, Reddit user @roofus8658 posted a photo of a company notice with the caption “Don’t do these things. It’s theft. Seriously, do not.” The notice started with the tag “You might be committing time clock fraud!” in big bold font.

It further stated “If 10 employees commit 10 minutes of time clock fraud a day, that’s 100 minutes a day. That’s 3,000 minutes a month which equals 50 hours of payroll lost” and that “Please remember that time clock fraud can lead to disciplinary action and termination.”

The notice then gave 5 rules that employees can use to avoid time clock fraud:

1. Use the restroom before you start work and before coming back from meals.

2. Make sure to take off your coat/jacket, or other outwear pieces before punching in.

3. Make sure to secure personal items in a locker before punching in.

4. Arrive early to ensure you have the time to complete any shopping or other tasks before your scheduled start time.

5. Once punched in, you are on the clock and should immediately grab your equipment and head to the sales floor.

The notice also explained time clock fraud stating “Time clock fraud occurs whenever an employee does something while punched in that is unrelated to work (while not on a 15 minute break).”

One person wrote of their own experience saying “This use to piss me off at my last job. It was a huge warehouse, and it would usually take 2-4 min to get to the break room. We were expected to be back at our stations when the bell rang, exactly 15 minutes after our break started. So basically, we had a 10 minute break and 5 minutes of walking.” 

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The post ended up going viral, getting over 3,200 upvotes and many people discussing this particular notice by the company.

One Reddit user wrote “Nope. Once I’m inside the work building, I’m clocking in and doing everything I need to do on the clock. If me walking to break is considered ‘break time’, then me taking off a hoodie or using the bathroom is work time.”

Another commented “I have to admit that was one thing my previous employer did right. Hourly workers were given extra time to walk to and from their breaks since the lunchroom was at one end of the building,” while a third one wrote, “The work environment is so damn toxic that even the break times are toxically watched.”

A few others commented on the divide between regular employees and the senior executives writing “Meanwhile, the higher-ups take three-hour lunch breaks and somehow find time to go to the gym and ‘work from home’,” and “When I worked at one place that had a time clock, the system would literally lock you out if you exceeded your break time so you’d have to grovel with someone who had the authority to unlock your account so you could properly clock back in. You had adults with children setting alarms on their phones so this didn’t happen.

I remember more than once the boots on the floor had discussions among themselves along the lines of “I wonder if the managers can get locked out?”

This was the same place that would send casuals home if they arrived on the floor 10 seconds after shift start at 6am but one of said managers you’d routinely see wandering in at 7-7:30am.”

One user wrote, “Funny how the don’t mention the time clock fraud of telling you to work over scheduled hour or work through breaks.” 

One person wrote, “If your workplace puts this on the wall, guaranteed they are implicit in wage theft that more than cancels this out.”

Another one commented on the effectiveness of such rules writing “What’s funny is that the more a company tries to do ridiculous stuff, the less productive they end up making their employees. The more micromanaged and squeezed people are, the less productive they become. I don’t know how companies don’t understand this yet.”

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