Coronavirus is a deadly disease that has taken over the entire world in just a matter of months. The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has reached over 97,000 now, although it is a relief to see that the death rate has not increased. 

Scientists, experts and medical personnel are currently trying to figure out more information about this virus and how to best combat it. As per reports, coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 comes from the coronaviruses (CoV) that can cause common illnesses like common cold and fever but also have the ability to deteriorate into much more severe cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

The thing is though that while SARS and MERS are still known, the novel coronavirus (nCoV) that is causing COVID-19 has never till yet been identified in humans. 

Recently it entered India with the 31st case being confirmed today itself. 

Coronavirus Reaches South Africa

The South African country had been safe from the virus with no outbreaks, however, that has changed now. The first confirmed case of coronavirus was reported in South Africa on Thursday. 

A patient is a 38-year-old Italian man who was a part of a 10 people group that includes his wife. The group had just returned to South Africa from Italy on March 1st 2020. 

Reports say that he started to exhibit certain symtops like headache, fever, cough and sore throat around 3rd March. Even though he was screened at the airport, experts believe that since he wasn’t showing any symptoms of being ill, the temperature scanner didn’t pick it up. 

The man has gone into self-isolation since going to the doctor and even his doctor who examined him has done the same. According to reports, South African health authorities have started to look into contact tracing. 

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#CoronaVirusChallenge Trending On Twitter

The fact that coronavirus has reached South Africa has actually resulted in a very bizarre and almost fun challenge on Twitter. South African users of the platform have come up with a hilarious way to deal with this serious disease. 

They’ve resorted to making memes about this dangerous disease and laugh instead of getting scared. This got so much attention that #CoronaVirusChallenge has been trending for a few hours now. Currently it stands at more than 56,000 tweets using the hashtag and participating in this challenge.

It is actually nice to see this humourous and up-beat way to deal with a disease that is causing so much fear.


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Sources: CNN, The Economic Times

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