One of the top celebrities of Bollywood who has also served the Hollywood audience alike, Priyanka Chopra talked about the hostility she has received from her ‘own community’. 

Not overlooking the plenty of support and love showered on her, she also expressed how grateful and ecstatic she has been throughout her journey as an artist. 

While some members of the South Asian community accepted and respected all of her choices and wishes, including the ones to get married to a foreigner and to be a part of the overseas industry, some others expressed the greatest disapproval over the same.

PC, happy with her husband, Nick Jonas

Priyanka also said that she and a ‘very few’ other brown artists in the entertainment industry are trying to get their fair share of inclusivity in Hollywood, but the constant deprecation from their very own community nullifies these efforts. 

What Did PC Say?

In an interview with the BBC Asian Network’s Beyond Bollywood podcast, Priyanka lamented saying, “I do notice a sense of protectiveness from a lot of people but also a sense of cynicism from a lot of people and a sense of negativity from a lot of people that have known me for a long time. Picking on me for no reason…”

PC’s dress and the trolls
Trolls after Priyanka-Nik again
Priyanka-Nick under the radar of trolls for their age difference
Trolls taking a jibe at PC for smoking despite being asthmatic
PC being trolled for her chosen attire at the British royal wedding
Trolls mocking the age gap between PC and her then-to-be mother-in-law

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She further added,

“I was talking about this to Mindy (Kaling) a couple of months ago and we were talking about why it is that you get so much negativity from your own community.

Very few brown people are in the entertainment business in Hollywood, right? You can count us on your fingers. What our attempt is… We are literally, with our own two hands, trying to create more opportunity for people like us.

So, why is there so much negativity for us?”

In 2015 when Priyanka began featuring in Quantico news, she observed that it is “not normal to people’s consciousness that a leading man or woman can be Indian in a mainstream Hollywood show’.”

Priyanka with Quantico cast

This obvious difference in perspectives has been an issue of great discouragement and disheartenment for her. Even more so, when she has valued her fans over everything and anything.

Priyanka has many undergoing international projects at the moment, including Jim Strouse’s Text For You, The Matrix 4, Amazon thriller series Citadel and a wedding comedy with Mindy. She recently finished her Netflix original The White Tiger and published her autobiography Unfinished.

Unfinished, PC’s autobiography

The Mistaken Identity

That being said, some ignorance on the International platform too, has been experienced by these desi artists.

Recently, British actress Jameela Jamil was mistaken for PC on Twitter and this not only went viral but also gave us a glimpse of how oblivious people are about our community on a larger scale.

Earlier, on numerous occasions, Deepika Padukone was addressed as Priyanka Chopra in the United States. And so, this denseness needs to be curbed and our artists need to be able to fight for inclusivity with full support from their own community.

All that’s left now is hope for a little more acceptance and support from the community and inclusivity from other communities.

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Sources: Free Press Journal, India Today, Hindustan Times

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