A yoga trainer took to Instagram to come out with her abuse by LGBTQ activist Divya Dureja. 

In an Instagram post uploaded by the victim on February 27, she accused Divya Dureja of “abducting, assaulting, and sexually molesting” her.

How Did It Happen?

In her Instagram post, the victim shared that she was sexually assaulted under the pretext of a “Shamanic Ritual” to cure her chronic back pain by Divya Dureja.

Her post reads,

This is hard and painful to write; even a little shameful even though I know I was never responsible for what happened.

After long hesitations, and given the popularity of my assaulter; online and offline (even supposed to organize retreat this week), I consider beneficial for the community to know what happened to me:

last week, I was abducted, assaulted, and sexually molested by an Indian acclaimed psychologist, TEDx speaker (@ted@tedxbombay@tedxindia), LGBTQ Activist, and Mental Health Advocate: Divya Dureja divya_in.”

Elodie Gendron shared that she was sexually assaulted under the pretext of a “Shamanic Ritual” to cure her chronic back pain by Divya Dureja.
The victim shared that she was sexually assaulted under the pretext of a “Shamanic Ritual” to cure her chronic back pain by Divya Dureja (above).

Her Instagram post then explained how Divya reached out to her through her DM and how they made the plan of meeting for lunch.

She added,Divya contacted me on Instagram and I was impressed by her profile as she seemed to actively advocate for mental health and LGBTQ rights. Along with another friend, writing a book on feminism, we decided to have lunch with the three of us.”

Her post further explained what happened that day, and how she was made to feel helpless and abused.

“We agreed I’d pick up Divya at her hotel to meet my friend for lunch. As I arrived at her hotel Sea View Resort in Ashwem, Divya asked me to come to her room to help her with her hair.

Under the false pretext of helping me with my chronicle back pain, she drugged me and locked me in her room for 6 hours, where she forcefully performed a so-called shamanic ritual, claiming we were meant since our past lives to be reunited, and that this ritual was what we needed to be together forever.

For 6 hours, I witnessed insanity beyond everything I could ever imagine.”

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What Happened Exactly?

The trainer further describes in her post the horrific incident.  

“She forced me to drink one full litre of water without interruption, to clean myself from negative energies. She then pulled me from behind forcing me to burb, yelling ‘you can do it, baby’.

Following this, she obliged me to close my eyes and to stand against the wall. It lasted for four hours, and every time I tried to open my eyes, she started to scream very loudly.

I was terrified, in shock, and under the influence of the drug she’d given me. I could not move or do anything to defend myself.

She claimed she was performing a shamanic ritual destined to reunite us, because she’d been looking for me for centuries, through this life and past lives; and that this ceremony intended to allow us ‘to be together forever.”

Screenshot Of Texts Shared By Elodie Gendron In Her Instagram Post
Screenshot Of Texts Shared By The Victim In Her Instagram Post

What Happened Next?

“Due to the drug and the very serious back injury I am suffering from, my body kept on collapsing from the long hours standing. After four hours, she ended this torture and allowed me to lay on the bed,” she explained. 

She added, She (Divya), then forcefully introduced her hand in my vagina, for long minutes, getting deeper and deeper, regardless of the physical pain she was inflicting me, claiming she was planting a tree.”

When the survivor regained consciousness, she just wanted to leave. 

She explained in her post, “As the effects of the drugs finally were evaporating, I told her I wanted to leave, and she screamed ‘No baby, no baby. Let’s make love.’ Finally, she started yelling ‘the spirit allows me to let you go, you can leave.’ And I could leave the room, in shock. I could see in the waiters’ eyes they heard everything, but nobody moved.”

After somehow escaping the situation, the victim drove to her friend’s house in Arambol who then took her to the Pernem police station, where a First Information Report (No.33/2021) was registered.

Divya was booked under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 342 (wrongful confinement) and 354 (sexual assault).

Copy Of FIR Shared By Elodie Gendron Against Divya Dureja In Her Instagram Post
Copy Of FIR Shared By The Victim Against Divya Dureja In Her Instagram Post
Copy Of FIR Shared By Elodie Gendron Against Divya Dureja In Her Instagram Post
Copy Of FIR Shared By The Victim Against Divya Dureja In Her Instagram Post

She then explained in her post, “After I pressed charges, I returned to the place of the assault, Sea View Resort in Ashwem along with police offers. The waiters admitted hearing everything and not trying to help me out. When I talked to the owner of the place, I was shocked by his reaction as he answered: ‘I do not talk with women.’ Finally, we also met further witnesses who told they thought many people were in the room, including a man and a child.” 

Later, the survivor informed in the comments section that Divya was arrested on February 25th by the police. 

The survivor is thankful for all the support and is healing from the trauma. 

We owe her for coming out with her story that will help many others in her community.

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