The 96th Academy Awards or Oscars happened recently and it was certainly an event that had many people talking.

The biggest of all was the protests that almost delayed the ceremony, with people protesting the ongoing crisis in Palestine and wanting an immediate ceasefire from Israel and its unending destruction of the region.

Several protests took up around the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, where the Oscars ceremony was taking place and disrupted traffic at several security checkpoints. This made many of the celebrities walk to the venue on foot. Nominees like Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas were seen wearing red pins as a way to support Artists for Ceasefire on the red carpet.

Along with this though, the 2024 Oscars ceremony had several more weird moments that had people posting about it online crazily.

John Cena’s Outfit

John Cena’s outfit while on stage was certainly one of the most talked about moments from the 2024 Oscars ceremony. The actor and host Jimmy Kimmel did a joke reenactment to almost 50 years of one of the wildest Oscar moments when a nude man or streaker interrupted David Niven introducing Elizabeth Taylor.

Cena came onto the stage almost in the nude (he wasn’t fully nude as revealed from behind-the-scenes clips later on) with the nominee card for the Costume Design award covering his privates.

Jimmy Kimmel Taking An Unsavoury Dig At Robert Downey Jr.’s Drug Issues

Jimmy Kimmel was criticised for his comments about Robert Downey Jr., especially his attempt to joke about the actor’s history with drug addiction. Many people felt it was an insensitive and crass comment, only further promoting wrong stereotypes about addiction and recovery.

During his opening monologue, Kimmel said “Congratulations to [Cillian Murphy’s] costar Robert Downey Jr. This is the highest point of Robert Downey Jr.’s career,” and added “Well, one of the highest points” which was clearly a pun about the Oscard winner’s fight with substance abuse.

While Robert looked uncomfortable, he still played up with the joke, making a nose-tapping motion to which Kimmel replied “Was that too on the nose or a drug motion you made?”

At this the Iron Man star did start to look annoyed, however, it didn’t really stop Jimmy who continued and said “What a story. Not even 20 years ago, things weren’t going that great for Robert. He played the villain in a movie where Tim Allen turns into a dog.”

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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Poor Things’ Sex Joke

Jimmy Kimmel was not being lauded for the supposed jokes he was giving, since in another moment of misfire, the host talked about the nudity and sex scenes from the movie Poor Things.

Emma Stone, who starred and executive produced the movie was then seen reacting to his comments and mouthing something to her husband, director Dave McCary which is rumoured to be something like “Oh my god” or “What a prick”.

Emma Stone’s Dress Broke Down

Emma Stone won the Best Actress award, however, when she came up to the stage to receive it one of the first things she said was “My dress!” and “It’s broken. I think it happened during [Ryan Gosling’s performance of] ‘I’m Just Ken.’”

She laughed off the wardrobe malfunction though and gave a heartfelt speech thanking the people around her.

Stone’s win was also quite contentious since a lot of people expected the Oscard to go to Lily Gladstone, whose character of Mollie Kyle, an Osage woman in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon on the Osage Indian murders was critically acclaimed.

Best Documentary Winners Being Played Off ‘I’m Just Ken’

Another weird and probably a very insensitive moment was when the winners of the Best Documentary award were played off using the song “I’m Just Ken.”

The Oscar-winning documentary 20 Days in Mariupol is about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with filmmaker Mstyslav Chernov speaking about the Ukrainian people, what they have gone through, and their strength, considering all that, the fact that the music used to play them off the stage was a cinematic rendition of a song from the Barbie movie felt really tone-deaf.

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