It’s no secret that we love a good optical illusion. Every time some or the other image takes over the internet, and everyone loses it. But it is the debate of neck or back this time on.

It was the blue or gold dress in 2015. The debate about whether the dress was black-blue or white-gold remains debated for the longest of times.

Then followed the confusion over ‘Yanny or Laurel’. Now Facebook and Twitter have spent hours staring at one image- and they can’t decide whether it’s a woman’s neck or back.

Neck or Back? Take your time to guess. (Image: @LilMaarty/@lilgothyspice)

Where did it all start?

The photo was shared by rapper MartyMula on Twitter (@LilMaarty) earlier this week and since then, people have gone crazy guessing about what they see in the picture.

In the photo, it appears to show the back of the woman’s head, with short hair reaching to the top of her neck.

Back of a woman’s head right? With her neck at the bottom and her legs crossed below? Well, that’s what most of us thought.

Except there are situations where what you think you’re looking at isn’t what you’re looking at, at all.

The confusion arrives when you read Marty’s caption: “Why tf I thought this was her neck”.

With over 32k retweets and over 70k likes, this post has surely gone viral.

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Neck or Back? What does social media think?

This has caused people to spend ages staring at this image wondering what it is, it wasn’t, in fact, her neck.

Some say it was the girl’s back

It went this way for a while before someone pointed out what was going on in the photo.

Instead of a woman’s neck and short hair, the image shows a woman with long curly hair spilling down her bareback.

This also gave rise to some weird questions:

Amid all the frenzy, the owner of the picture came forward to claim her fair share of popularity.

It’s guessing time: What do you think? Neck or back? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Her, Indian Express, News18

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