Discrimination- overt or subtle has bitter impacts on the victim. These incidents of racism show a stagnated mentality but unfortunately are a lived reality.

The renowned astrophysicist Dr. Karan Jani took to Twitter after he faced the discriminatory experience at a garba event in Atlanta, USA. His rage on Twitter exposed yet another instance of discrimination, this time by his own people.

He reports that his three friends and he were asked to leave the event. He clearly specifies the organisers asked him “inappropriate questions” and told him he didn’t look “Hindu”.

His entire Twitter thread is bubbling with the report of these events.

“We don’t come to your events, you are not allowed to ours”

According to him, his Konkani friend was pulled out of the queue and an insensitive remark was made: “We don’t come to your events, you are not allowed to ours.”

When his friend tried convincing them, that she was Hindu they refused to listen and simply termed her as “Ismaili”. The entire conversation was posted by Dr Karan which shows a thread of racist remarks.

Another friend whose last name was “Dangarwala” when he tried explaining in Gujarati he was simply asked to shut up while the organisers were constantly naming them as “Vohra, Sindhis”. In fact, they kept stating other religions.

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Such a fuss for Garba in Navaratri- With friends- to celebrate Indian culture

Karan Jani describes this incident as very unfortunate as he has been a regular visitor since 6 years.

He reports “I was told by the organizer, a senior person, things in Gujarati which are so crude and demeaning that it can’t be shared on a public forum. Just to ensure we don’t enter the temple again”.

This unfortunate event has again highlighted the issue of discrimination faced by Indians on foreign lands. The incident is even more tragic as it’s the Indian community which has been held responsible for this kind of behaviour.

This incident also highlights the hypocrisy which exists. We point out to “certain” people as if all the discrimination is done by them and fail to address this issue in our very own communities. The joy of Navratri seems to have been marred because of these insensitive remarks.

This is not the first time such an incident of discrimination has been reported. In the past, similar instances have been reported but the end question still remains the same, What can and What should be done about these incidents?

Sources: Firstpost, NDTV, Asian Age

Image Source: Twitter, Google Images

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