Resignation by an employee is usually a pretty somber affair, with the person mostly following a very routine method.

You give in your notice, the Human Resource (HR) department accepts it (usually), you complete your duties and everything and leave.

When sending in your resignation no one ever thinks of it as a funny or humorous thing, the normal feelings being fear, trepidation, and hope that everything just goes smoothly.

However, in an interesting twist, we saw this unique and frankly hilarious ‘meme’ resignation conversation between an employee at a travel company and their HR department.

Let us take a look at how exactly it went about:

Resign In Memes

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It certainly shows a changing atmosphere related to the HR and how workplaces are becoming more fun with HR also losing its terrifying image.

This slightly comes from the start-up explosion where the team is closer and knows each other intimately, a big change from big corporates where the working system is more mechanical.

Along with that, even corporates are finding out that building such a friendly and give-and-take type of relation creates a healthier working environment.

Memes for that matter, are a fun and easy way to insert some humour into your work and also impart a message.

Recently, even the Mumbai police used the poster from the horror movie ‘The Nun’ to talk about parking in a correct manner.

These are just a few examples of how creativity is being appreciated and even wanted in all working areas, be it government, service, corporate and is a great way to connect with people.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Facebook, India TV 

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