Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced a 21-day long lockdown of the entire nation amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Since then, people have been running on a spree to stock up basic essentials. Understanding the uncertainty of the situation, people have been panic buying and hoarding essentials selfishly.

While the government has assured that essential commodities like food, vegetables, medicines etc., will be duly provided during this lockdown, it is getting difficult to make people calm in such a situation. 

If you are one of those who is having trouble in getting essential items from your local grocery store and are worried about losing out on essentials, then we are here to your rescue.

Following is a list of online services which you can avail to stock up on basic necessities during this lockdown.

Groceries And Essentials

To ensure the well-being of citizens, Big Bazaar has made a benevolent decision by introducing the home delivery feature in all big cities of the country.

This move was made soon after people were seen standing in long queues outside local grocery stores. 

Big Bazaar took to Twitter to announce the same and ease out the panic buying. They posted the numbers of all the available stores around that locality. People are requested to call on those numbers, order the items needed and wait for them to get delivered at their doorstep.

The store contacts are available on Big Bazaar’s Twitter handle.

Other platforms offering grocery and essentials delivery service are Flipkart and Grofers. You can download their app from the Playstore or order online from their website.


Dairy, Vegetables, And Fruits

These are considered to be an essential commodity and are excluded from the lockdown as well.

Online delivery platforms are working round the clock to fulfil the orders and provide delivery as soon as possible. 

Apps like Big Basket, Grofers, Milk Basket etc. have taken the charge to provide delivery of basic items at your doorstep so that the lockdown does not affect your survival.

You can download these apps from the Appstore available on your phones or order directly from their website.


Big Basket-

Milk Basket-

Some other online delivery service available in Delhi NCR during the lockdown are-

Nature’s Basket-

Satva Cart-



Keeping in mind that there are a lot of people who rely on external food sources for their daily meal, the food delivery services are also excluded from the lockdown.

Famous food delivery apps Zomato and Ola Food are functional during these lockdown days and are committed to their services ensuring smooth deliveries.

While local restaurant outlets are closed and won’t be delivering, food chains like Dominos, Burger King, McDonalds, etc, are open. 

You need to download the Zomato or the Ola Food app from the Playstore and you will get the list of restaurants available around your locality.

So, don’t worry, these people won’t let you sleep hungry and food will be available when needed.

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Pharmacists and chemists witnessed a huge crowd of customers outside their shops soon after the lockdown announcement.

People with chronic diseases or ailments are worried about the availability of their medicines and are dreading the idea of facing a shortage of the same.

If that’s an issue with you, then don’t worry. There are a lot of companies fully dedicated to deliver medicines online. The online medicine delivery will be open 24*7 and try their best to provide you with your meds at the earliest.


Apollo Pharmacy-

Net meds-

Moreover, you can also download the above mentioned apps from the Playstore and order medicines from your phone itself.

Coming Soon

It is to be noted that this unprecedented lockdown has left the entire nation baffled. However, keeping in mind the urgency to control the situation, it is anticipated that more online delivery platforms will be operating and become functional in the coming days.

It is seen that due to some issues taking place between the on-ground delivery staff and local authorities, few platforms have been temporarily suspended for the time being. As soon as they get a green flag, these delivery platforms will resume their service.

One of them is Amazon Pantry. You can order from the same once it is resumed-

Similary, 1mg online medicine delivery is one of the few platforms which will be resuming its services very soon. The link for their reference is attached below.

These online delivery services will be highly encouraged during the lockdown and the officials are working hard to meet the public needs. Considering the same, let’s have patience and be kind by avoiding panic buying and hoarding essential food items.

Home Shelters For The Needy

Not only this, the Delhi government has arranged for temporary shelters for the homeless and needy.

So, if you know someone who is not able to find a home or secure food during this lockdown, then direct them to the nearby home shelters which are established at 234 locations around Delhi NCR.

Link for home shelter-

We are all in the middle of a severe crisis. Thus, it’s best to cooperate and stand together as one!

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