What do you do when you have a fight or an argument with someone? We usually go to someone to know if we were the asshole in that situation or not. Well, Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole’ is that place for millions of users. 

People submit scenarios on r/AmItheAsshole to know whether they behaved correctly or not. You tell the situation, and random strangers from all around the world will give their judgment. 

Millions of people give their opinions on real-life wrongdoings and give their verdicts on that situation. YTA (You are the asshole) or NTA (Not the asshole).

Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole’

The popularity of the subreddit boomed in the past years. From 70,000 subscribers in 2018 to 2,781,670 as of today, the subreddit has unquestionably become the guilty pleasure for many, including me!

The subreddit gives people a chance to poke their noses inside other people’s relationships and personal matters. The posts follow a format. The Poster starts the title with the acronym AITA (Am I the asshole) or WIBTA (Would I be the asshole).

After the Poster (Original poster or poster means the person who originally posted the submission that you are currently discussing in the comments) explains the situation, Commenters use five abbreviations to pass their judgments.

You are the asshole (YTA), not the asshole (NTA), no assholes here (NAH), everyone sucks here (ESH), or more information needed (INFO). 

The verdict is decided based on the top-voted comment on the post. The posts can be on a topic that is considered ridiculous, but they can also talk about some serious issues. The desire to be good or wanting to look good is something we all know. 

Most people post on the subreddit thinking that they are correct in the situation they are mentioning. Sometimes that is true, but many also face brutal and honest judgments from the Commenters. The subreddit’s rule is to “Accept The Judgment” if declared the asshole, but some completely forget it.

The moderation team of the subreddit has made several rules to make the subreddit better. The team has added a “no COVID posts” rule, and one of the most important rules is “Be Civil.”

The moderators explained that being civil means to “attack ideas, not people” and to “treat others with respect while helping them grow through outside perspectives.”

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People edit their posts later to explain the issue or add extra information. The Poster and the Commenters can argue on the topic or let it be. Some of the posts may be entirely fictional. Most of the Posters usually make a throwaway account so that they can talk more freely and do not reveal their identity. 

The common themes on the subreddit include parenting problems, relationship issues, arguments over financial concerns, wedding dramas, nosy relatives, and school/college drama.

Some of the Posters are more than just assholes. Many posts even point out red flags and even abusive and toxic behaviors. 

The fun part about the whole subreddit is you can say your gut feeling. Either the person is an asshole or not, no matter how big the issue is. Sometimes, it is okay to be the asshole in a few situations. The weird feeling of self-satisfaction is definitely a point why this subreddit is so famous.

r/AmITheAsshole is full of our worst embarrassing moments. People call out each other for bad behavior and tell them to do better. Excluding all the drama, the subreddit can be a place for change, asking millions of strangers one question, Am I the asshole?

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Sources: Wired, The Guardian, The Ringer

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