Another blog based on Reddit, and one more time I’m back with r/AskReddit comment threads that divulge the scariest experiences or stories they know to be true. These are stories they know of or have experienced themselves. TRIGGER WARNING.

The Short But Crispy

u/The_Black_Bird756 says,

‘The Ariel Castro Kidnappings

A man living in Cleveland, Ohio, kidnapped three young girls and kept them prisoner in his home in Tremont for 12 years. He even had a child with one. Eventually, one escaped and managed to contact police, who arrested Castro and saved the other two girls.”

u/motherofshadow shares a personal experience, 

“My maternal grandfather, in the days before hot water on tap, put a big pot on to boil before leaving for work for his wife and kids to bathe with. The pot boiled over and extinguished the flame, and he returned to find them dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. My mother was from his second marriage.”

u/ASmufasa47 talks about a horrendous family killing, 

“The Broken Arrow killings. Two brothers brutally murdered their entire family.

At one point their young (5 or 6ish) siblings were hiding in the bathroom when one of the brothers pretended to need their help. As soon as they let him in, he killed them. One of their last words was, “Please don’t kill me I love you”.  Horrifying story.’

The Lengthy Horrifying Ones

Some stories are very descriptive. So, for all intents and purposes, trigger warning. 

u/mordenty says, ‘Everything to do with Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi.’

He was a shoemaker who lived in Morocco in the late 19th and early 20th century. He and his accomplice, a 70-year-old woman called Annah, used to drug and kill young women who came to the shop. Eventually, one of the victims’ parents traced her movements to the shop, and after the remains of 36 mutilated corpses were discovered nearby Mesfewi and Annah were questioned – and tortured.

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Annah didn’t survive, but Mesfewi confessed to murdering them, usually for a tiny amount of money. His initial sentence was crucifixion – a very unusual punishment even then. However there were many protests from powerful foreign embassies, and Morocco couldn’t do much against them. Instead, he was sentenced to beheading, a more common punishment. However, the mood in Marrakech was that this was far too lenient, so they settled on immurement – being walled up alive.

A special cell was constructed in the wall of the bazaar, about 2 X 2 X 6 feet. Chains were attached to one wall to ensure he would be kept standing. Mesfewi wasn’t told of his fate until the morning of his execution – when he was led, screaming, in chains and slowly bricked up inside. Once the last course had been laid, the crowd would fall silent until he started screaming when they would cheer.

He screamed nearly constantly for two days. On the third day, he fell silent.’

Another story that u/RareBeautyEtsy tells us, ‘I grew up in a funeral home. I helped out in the office. When I was about 15, we got a call from a man whose wife and infant baby had been murdered in cold blood. 

There were very few clues. It made headlines. Cops set up surveillance at the viewing. It was heartbreaking as the mother was holding the baby in her arms. 

I was asked to take the flower cards and periodically get the husband and ask if he recognized the names. I then photocopied them and put them back. I did it because I was a “kid,” people knew me, and I was unobtrusive. 

I talked to the husband quite a bit. He seemed devastated and shaken. 

The cops told me they had an eyewitness to someone leaving the house the day of the murder. 

The witness was a three-year-old girl. She recognized the man leaving. It was the husband’s best friend. 

Turns out that the friend and the husband had made a pact to kill each other’s families and run off with their secretaries. The little girl identified the friend, and I guess one of them cracked. 

They both went to jail on multiple counts, all on the testimony of a three-year-old.

I still cannot believe to this day that that man stood right beside me, multiple times, and I had NO CLUE. 

I don’t think I ever looked at life the same way after that.’

Some More Stories

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There were countless other stories in the discussion thread. Reading them and curating the best (or worst, depending on how you think) really sent chills down my spine. If you have any such stories, do let us know below.

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