Space is so vast and full of different elements that it will take us numerous lifetimes to fully explore it. Every night, while looking up at the stars, only one question crosses our mind that “Are we alone”? The dark universe is what has been holding our attention for quite some time.

Many parts of space are not even visible from Earth’s powerful telescope such as the Hubble Telescope. From whatever information we have about the space, we can say it is one hell of a strange place.

Here we present 5 most amazing space anomalies, that have left even the best of the astronauts baffled.

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So you see what a mysterious place this vast space can be. All these anomalies are beyond the mathematical calculations of astronauts.

The secrets associated with white holes, findings of the Viking probe, or the pioneer spacecraft anomaly; only intrigue us more about what all this Universe holds beyond the stars and the galaxies.

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Source: Wikipedia, Forbes 

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