In case you see an auto in Chennai loaded with goodies like newspapers, magazines, a tablet, laptop and countless other free services to offer, don’t lose your calm, it’s India’s very own Auto Anna: Annadurai.

“The Job Satisfaction”

In 2012, G Annadurai aka Auto Anna a class 12 dropout, stunned Chennai with his auto. His auto is like no usual one it offers a list of amenities that will redefine your experience of travelling in autos.

Anna’s thought behind all these amenities makes him even more endearing. He came to Chennai when he was four years old and grew up with two brothers and a sister. His father was also an auto driver and he also took up the same job, as he rides a share auto in Chennai.

The motorist had a brilliant idea of adding elements to his auto to make the ride more entertaining for the passenger. So he first stacked newspapers, magazines and since then the auto has only grown.

Today the auto is way more tech savvy and boasts of a tablet, laptop, TV and also Wi-Fi service for people who don’t have internet.

Recently he also installed a swiping machine, to get his customers rid of all the troubles due to the exact change amount.

All these efforts were made by Anna only for one ultimate goal: customer satisfaction.

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What’s on the special menu?

His spirit is not only limited to an auto but the cause is even bigger. Anna is also sponsoring a child’s education.

He also provides free services to teachers and nurses. On Mother’s, Women’s, Children’s, Father’s, Independence and some other special days he offers discounts to his customers.

Anna is also working on this app for potential auto drivers and widening the untapped career scope.

Today Annadurai has come a long way since then. Chennai’s most-loved auto driver has gone global and viral now.

Along with thousands of followers on Facebook, he is also a motivational speaker. He has addressed employees of Vodafone, Hyundai, Royal Enfield, Danfoss and Gamesa, and has flown to different cities for addressing the masses.

Anna’s auto is not your ordinary ride, it will lift your moods up and also drop you at your destination!

Sources: Hindu, Amazing Auto, NDTV

Image Source: Google Images

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