By Prerna Joshi

In today’s world, somewhere we forget ourselves. We all wish we had more time. More time to calm and relax, more time to get in shape and go for the gym, more time for our friends and family, and more time for ourselves.

Things get even more difficult for Indian millennials who are struggling through the pressures of college and work now.

If you are one of them who feels like life is just passing by without any fruitful happening, here’s a quick guide on how to cherish each day of your life.

1. For God’s sake, don’t look for inspiration in others!

Who knows where inspiration comes from? It can come from anywhere, from moments of pride to frustration, from moments of failure to appreciation, so stop searching for it.

Just try to be your own inspiration and work on being better than what you were yesterday.

Believe me, my fellows, the wave comes when you least expect it.

Live Life To The Fullest

2. People will keep on saying, train your ears to ignore them

This is your life and you are the one who has the power to paint its canvas whichever color you wish to.

People always need gossip to pass their time. And you will have to realize that they find a reason even in the best things to criticize people if they wish to.

So, what others will think about your decisions is none of your worries. You just have to believe in yourself and move on in life.

3. Stop trying to please everyone, do the things you love

No matter how much you achieve in life or how happy you are, not everyone is going to be happy with you or from your efforts. And it is not your responsibility to please everyone in the world.

Try to make yourself happy and satisfied and as long as you succeed in achieving these two things, you are sure to live a more peaceful life. So, stop wasting time to make everyone happy because their happiness is not your priority.

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4. Don’t compare yourself, each of us is special and unique

Everyone’s life is a unique flower. It will bloom only when its time comes. So, stop comparing your life, your efforts, your achievements and your happiness to others because comparison just leads to deprivation of self-esteem and an increase in anxiety.

Instead, try to learn from your mistakes and improvise yourself and try to be the best version of yourself.

Believe me, you are going to save a lot of time when you are focused on polishing your skills without comparing yourself to others.

5. Learn to live in the moment and give high-fives to life!

Not always does happiness come in abundance. It lies in between small moments of life and it’s up to you to find this hidden happiness and be grateful for what you have in life.

Learn to cherish the small things in life without worrying about the future too much. Just learn to live in the present moment and breathe.

Be proud of the journey you have traveled so far and keep your head straight without turning back to the past.

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