By Prerna Parashar

The very word “Pain” makes us cringe, and we do everything in our power to avoid it. And why not? Pain brings with it the hurt, the breaking and suffering. All the things we never wish for, in our lives.

But pain, has a more different and deeper meaning to it. Something we tend to overlook while cribbing about how much pain our lives possess.

Pain is the greatest teacher of all. It clarifies everything for us. Pain is the rip of a bandage; it hurts, but it shows us what’s real, unveiling the blanket of the supposed reality we have made for ourselves- a more comforting version of life.

An infant’s teeth hurt when it is about to grow a set of new ones. Our bones also feel pain, as they mature and we grow with them. Why?

Because it’s all a sign! An indication that we are evolving. Turning into someone so much better than we currently are.

Pain is our first step to metamorphosis.

So, if you’re crying into your pillow, feeling as though your heart is broken into a million pieces that are beyond repair; if you feel like you have hit rock bottom, rejoice! Because you can’t be broken, further.

This is the saddest, most hurt you will ever feel and the only way now for you, is up. Only better things are coming your way because you have faced the worst.

Pain is the dark tunnel, that may inhibit you from seeing direction but, it heightens your senses of hearing and smell. It is the cave at the end of which happiness and peace are waiting for you with open arms.

Pain is like your shadow, it is inevitable. It will follow you around till the ends of the world. No matter where you go; so, running from it is the last thing you’d want to do.

What do you do, then? How do you save yourself from the unbearable suffering and agony? Let me be the one to pull the bandage off on this one.

You don’t.

The only way to end pain is only if you go through it. You will have to face your deepest fears, travel through the horrors that terrify you, get bruised in the process and emerge as a knight in shining armour to look your pain in the eye and say,

“Thank you. For teaching me so much, I am wiser. And I know, you can’t hurt me anymore.”

feel pain

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There will be times when you would feel like giving up. Hell, there’s going to be a lot of times when you’ll feel as though the pain has drained you of all your willpower and hope.

You’ll feel like you will have to kneel in front of your demons, that it was written for you to lose.

In times like these, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Extend your hands in mid-air and imagine someone clasping them. Their strong, warm hands providing you comfort and holding on to you delicately.

Their touch providing you the sense of safety and protection, you last felt in your mother’s womb. Your eyes are closed but can you see?

Can you see that your future self is extending their hands out to you? The stronger, wiser, better self.

When going through misery, one tends to feel lonely. Very lonely but, one should seek solace and comfort in the fact that the future is going to be better, happier and more peaceful. That only we are our own heroes, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is already ours.

Pain is not something you can hide from-try and you will very badly fail. But if you accept it, as an integral part of your life, make it your friend and your fuel: to find direction, purpose and your goal in life, nothing can be the best for you.

Pain is there to polish your chivalry and bring it out in the open.

Pain is not the grey cloud that gives you nothing but perpetual darkness and robs you of hope and happiness in your life, it’s the silver lining to it.

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