It’s already the end of March and the only resolution you stuck to was getting more sleep. I mean you’ve been napping all day, aren’t you?

Worry not, it’s never too late to stop being a cat and start it all over again.

I believe that one can get his life together or at least have the illusion of getting it together by having some clarity in four major areas: physical, mental, spiritual and financial.

Here’s what you should do to achieve the ultimate millennial pursuit of having it all together…

1. Get Rid Of the Physical Clutter

If you’ve binged watched those Marie Kondo videos on YouTube, you must be already familiar with the benefits of decluttering. It is psychologically proven that having a cleaner space makes you work better.

Start with something small, such as cleaning your cupboard and you’ll realize that you are much more organized than before. Physical clutter can often make us feel anxious, so let it go.

2. Make Mental Space a Priority

If the assignments and notes are piling up and you don’t know where to begin, then begin with making a list.

Write a To-Do each day and strike things off. A good To-Do list shouldn’t have more than seven things on it, so keep that in mind while making one. Put that cute Miniso notebook to use!

Stay on the top of your game by jugaadofying those notes as early as possible. I personally binge-watch YouTube tutorials to clear my concepts. Watch those engaging course lessons during your endless metro time and slay them exams!

Also, QUIT COMPARING. Don’t let a resume define you. Don’t measure yourself by the internship you got. Don’t let a college relationship define your worth. Stop thinking so much about what others think of you and just push yourself out there.

Sign up for those endless Delhi University competitions even if you are not sure of it. Don’t treat those competition invites as spam, you never know what they may bring to you.

Lastly, take out some #metime and do the things that you really enjoy. If your definition of self-care is skin-care then start with that.

Engaging in hobbies will help you get some breathing space.

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Fool around with those brushes, dip your hands in paint or sweat it out in a football game. Don’t forget to take out some time to move.

As a college student, hitting the gym might not be your top priority but shakin’ a leg should be. I personally take the stairs at the metro station and go for short walks around my house.

3. Monk Mode On!

Even if you’re not someone who makes that Om symbol on the top of your test i.e. religious, it always helps to be spiritual. Believe that the Universe has your back.

Start with a meditation practice. No, you don’t have to join a class or something, a simple application like Headspace would help you steer through. Believe me, the app has some really cool guided meditated sessions.

Even if you are someone who gets distracted too soon, the app will keep you hooked.

Positive affirmations also help in getting spiritual clarity. Remind yourself of the King/Queen you are. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss out on some opportunities.

4. Time to Stop Being #BROKEAF

If you are Team Broke Forever, then maybe it’s time to reconsider your spending habits.

As students, we’re often tempted to buy things that we don’t really need. I personally find myself hoarding too much cute stationery and eating drool-worthy food all the time.

One thing that really helped me with this was budgeting. Planning your expenses in advance is a sure shot way to adult well. Aim to save
at least 10 percent of your allowance each month.

You may even get a part-time internship to earn some extra money and skills. Enjoy those cheap thrills and adopt a minimalistic lifestyle.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information? Don’t worry, soak in this guide slowly. Read through it thoroughly and let it grow on you.

Working on an amalgamation of these four areas would definitely help you steer through treacherous waters. Once you start incorporating these tips, clarity shall come to thou.

Lastly, share this resource with someone you think could use it and DON’T FORGET TO HYDRATE!

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