Watch: Debunking Myths About Instagram Bloggers, As A Blogger

Blogging is no more a new industry for the millennials. Folks nowadays are keen to start something of their own. This has opened up avenues for Insta blogging due to its relative ease of access.

Unless people truly understand blogging and what an Instagram blogger does, they might have some preconceived notions attached to this field.

Myths about Instagram bloggers might come flying at you as soon as you inform people about your blogging profession.

They vary from, “koi job nhi mili, isliye blogger ban gaye” (They are doing blogging because of a job crisis) to the profession being labeled as an easy way to earn money.

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Check out these common myths about Instagram bloggers with reasons highlighting why they are total bullsh*t.

What has been the most unreasonable myth about bloggers that you’ve come across?

Let us know in the comments below!

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