Earning a penny than wasting one is always a wiser choice but a difficult one to make for sure.

Living in the age of a failing economy having one job doesn’t always make the cut, you might consider running a side job/hustle if you have an eye for those red bottoms or a pair of expensive headphones.

This new trend of taking up extra jobs was not created by millennials just for the sake of it but it does seem useful to the recently graduated student, experiencing the work sphere of life for the first time, with relatively less experience and limited networks.

In the era of recession, money is a vital issue but it is not the sole reason why many students and recently graduated people seek side jobs. One is the fact that it acts as an escape from the dull and monotonous lifestyle.

And for many, finding a job related to their passion always helps them to grow and find new pathways and perceptions. Taking up paid internships and working as freelancers is a great way for us to discover ourselves.

I have come across many tutors who take up tuitions as their side hustle to pay off their rent while preparing for some exam and they never failed to mention at least once that how much they loved the subject they were teaching me. For me, I hated physics.

But I do have a knack for teaching and that is how I earned my first paycheck after high school.

For the last two years, I have been tutoring a bunch of middle school students and to say that it gives me immense satisfaction to know that I don’t have to borrow money from parents to buy a few items without their permission would be an understatement.

Like me, few of my friends have taken up paid internships as a content writer or a blogger to help them improve their writing style and gather versatility along with few extra bucks in the pocket.

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Dhruv, a friend of mine, works as a bartender for a small bar in Delhi. His mom never approved of it, but he loves mixing drinks and making cocktails while flipping bottles up in the air for people who appreciate his talents and applaud.

He dreams of opening his bar one day by saving the money he earns here, despite resistance from his parents.

While babysitting might not be a familiar concept in India, Simran, my college mate has earned a few bucks from her neighbours while doing the bare minimum. As working parents, Simran’s neighbours often leave their kids with her, paying her by the hour.

When it comes to side jobs, the variety is immense. Ranging from a website creator to even an assignment marker, the possibilities are endless. It depends on a person’s interest and their money requirement.

No side job or hustle is a small thing when you think of the benefits it provides. It acts as a distraction from the clutches of the daily monotony while serving the needs of someone’s impulsive buying.

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