When I was admitted in DU, I was of the opinion that my three years in DU would be restricted to academics, but two years on, I have pretty contrasting views.

Seeing other students in college made me realize that DU has never been restricted just to academics.

Delhi University gives equal importance to extracurricular activities, as almost every college has provisions for cultural societies that cater to talents like debate, dance, music, drama, art, music, social service, quizzing etc.

Societies nurture your potential, hone your talents and best of all, give you immense and adequate exposure and platforms to express yourself.

In addition, being a part of any society gives extra brownie points to your CV. However, joining one does not come easy as they tend to have a rigorous audition process and have a limited intake.

So why not start your own society? Although the long and strenuous process can sometimes prove to be demotivating, the end result is something worth making the effort for.

Moreover, there isn’t much clarity on either the university website or the college websites on how to do the same. Every college has a different procedure, but all of it originates from the same basic criteria.

Here is what you need to start a society in DU:

An idea that can empower fellow students

I’m sure there are tons of societies in every college covering a range of topics that can cross your mind. Of course, you should make sure you come up with a concrete plan to go ahead with all permutations and combinations in mind.

A well-defined structure makes it easy to go ahead with. Also come up with something that first, isn’t already there in your college and secondly, benefits the students of your college in a significant way.

Jot down your primary goals and the events you would be organizing during the year, to make your idea look like a convincing plan in front of your faculty.

Recruit your core team

A well-defined idea includes the structure of how your core group of the team would look like. You should have a brief idea about the departments that your society might need.

Common departments range from Operations, Marketing, Business Development and a host of others.

You can include your talented friends or maybe hire through the means of forms or interviews. Having too many core team members makes no sense while less number of members is also problematic, so that decision entirely rests upon you.

Nucleus-The Analytics Society Of Shaheed Sukhdev College

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Faculty advisor

When starting a new society, make sure you have the support and backing of a faculty member.

You can approach either your department head or any faculty member you are comfortable with and pitch them the idea so that they can disseminate the plan to the higher authorities.

A faculty advisor is crucial to start a society as all the funds and the communication with the higher authorities can only be done via a faculty member.

Every society has a faculty convenor or a faculty advisor. In case the principal of a college is approached directly and the society is formed, the college administration assigns a faculty member as the convenor of the society.

Tip: Try and approach a teacher who has good relations with the Principal as well as with you.

The knack of getting things done

One should have the determination and the influence on a person to change one person’s perspective in the way that the society asks for. A good leader always produces more leaders and that’s precisely what you need to do.

People join college societies to develop themselves in various ways and for that, you should offer proper opportunities and training to them so as to cater to their required development.

You would surely encounter various challenges on your way, especially from the college faculty, including the Principal. But if you believe in your idea, you should not give up on your dream and you’ll surely achieve it sooner rather than later.

Initial Funds

In a college like SGTB Khalsa and a few north campus colleges, each society is eligible for funds up to 1 lakh rupees, be it cultural or non-cultural.

However cultural societies in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College receive basic funds from the college and lesser funds for non – cultural societies.

Funds are always required and in my experience, they are always much less than your requirement. Forming your society involves some funds to conduct various formalities and proper measures should be taken so that they are available.

Societies have proved to be important clusters of human development in artistic and mental ways.

There should definitely be a relaxed and a uniform method of forming a society across the University to minimize confusion. Hope after reading this article, you’ll form your own society.

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