Lockdown and our future: stressful topic, right? 

That is where our saviour: satisfying videos on YouTube or Instagram come in. While YouTube can have extremely long videos for which we generally have all the time in the world now, but maybe not enough patience, Instagram is a good option since you get short videos ranging anywhere between 30 seconds to around 2 minutes of extremely calming and satisfying videos. 

Here are some of them.

The Pottery Video:

The No Music Food Video:


The Foam Slime Video:


Over The Clouds Video:


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The Shaving Cream ASMR:



Oddly Satisfying Painting:


Animal ASMR:


To be honest, any animal post is bound to reduce your stress by fifty per cent at least. 

If your mood is down, there are even dog Instagram pages like tuckerbudzyn, doggosbeingdoggos2 and more where they add hilarious subtitles to what the dogs are thinking. 

They will have you rolling around in laughter at how cute the dogs or animals are. 

Almost all these videos are short enough that you can scroll a couple, calm down a bit, have a break and then get back to the quarantine. 

I’m speaking from personal experience that such kind of videos can really work wonders in calming you down and allowing you to return to life with a fresh mind. 

Do let us know in the comments below if you have any other stress-relieving videos.

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