PUBG aka PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds started out as an early-access PC and mobile game before coming to Xbox One last year for a brief period of console exclusivity.

The wait for PS4 users and PUBG lovers is finally over as the game is out tomorrow, with the preload of the game already out and so are the notes about the release.

PUBG is now available for pre-order on PS4. (Photo Credit: The Quint)

A hole in your pocket?

The game is set to be launched with an introductory price of Rs. 1999 (comparatively cheaper for a new PS4 game). This basic version of the game which comes with the online battle royale mode does not include any additional packs.

Then there is the pre-order version of the game available on the PlayStation store that the company has launched in three editions.

The Survivor’s edition at a price of Rs. 2,750, the Looter’s edition which also costs Rs. 2,750 and the Champions edition which is priced at Rs. 3,999.

What do you get with each version?

The Looter’s Edition is the standard edition. It comes with a PS4 theme based on the game’s Miramar map and The Unknown avatar.

The Survivor’s Edition includes everything from the Looter’s Edition, as well as the Vikendi Event Pass, 2,300 G-Coins, and 20,000 BP.

The Champion’s Edition comes with all the same items, except it includes 6,000 G-Coins rather than 2,300.

Apart from this, users who avail the facility of pre-order will get a Nathan Drake outfit as well as Ellie’s backpack to bring elements of Uncharted and the Last Of Us to the users.

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PUBG on PS4: Decoded

Like most games, you can purchase PUBG for PS4 on various offline platforms and one can order it via Amazon starting tomorrow. Other impatient buyers can go for the Rs. 2,750 version of the game which can be directly downloaded to your console via the download link.

PUBG for PS4 has an initial download size of 33.51 GB and for the PUBG PTS it is 37.35 GB, according to Gadgets360.

The Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok maps will be available from the start on PS4. Features such as custom matches, event mode, the ranked system, and Trophy support will also be available to all PUBG players.

The Vikendi map will not be available at launch, but we can expect it to be included in the game soon as the pre-order bundle seems to come with a Vikendi event pass.

Like any game, the additional packs, character skins, and battle points can be purchased from both online as well as offline platforms later.

The game will be a single-player shooter/action game which can support up to 100 players online in a single network.

(Photo Credit: Gadgets 360)

Is it worth purchasing?

One of the biggest questions is whether PS4 players will be to take on their Xbox friends in a cross-match. While many games tend to allow this facility, as far as PUBG is concerned there is no cross-match facility until now.

The company has confirmed there is no support for a native 4K resolution, but for PS4 Pro owners, there have been some performance improvements and increased graphical precision.

There is a different control scheme when it comes to each map on the game, which makes matters hard for players, especially if you are new to the gameplay like me.

The backbone of PUBG which has been the facility to play online requires a PlayStation Plus account on PS4 which needs to be purchased separately.

Of course with the game being launched on PS4 gives the advantage of improved graphics and exclusive gameplay changes in comparison of PUBG mobile.

PUBG mobile, on the other hand, is exceptionally optimised for low-end and mid-range Android devices, which means you don’t have to spend an extra Rs. 1,999 to play the game.

Also, thanks to the massive support from Tencent, PUBG mobile is up to date and does not lack any gaming content in comparison of Xbox or PC.

However, if you want to play PUBG on a bigger screen, PS4 is the way to go.

Now that you are up to date with what is set to come for PUBG on PS4, it’s time that you go ahead and prepare yourself for some chicken dinners.

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