Nagamani, also known as Mani aunty, a native of the city of Bengaluru, is the creator of the hair oil company Roots & Shoots. This 88-year-old woman has successfully transformed her hobby into a fully functioning company!

She now runs a company that manufactures and sells special herbal hair oil that aids in hair growth.

The oil, created using a 150-year-old formula, aids in reducing hair loss and maintaining hair a healthier hair texture. Nagamani began losing a lot of hair when she was 24 years old. It was then that her Mysore-based friend of 60 years gave her the recipe for a hair oil and promised her that it would work wonders for her hair.

The hair oil recipe dates back at least 150 years. She shared the oil bottles with many of her friends and family members throughout the years. Nagamani, affectionately known as “Mani aunty,” preferred to concentrate on taking care of her husband and two kids. She chose to focus on her family in her early years.

This special hair oil is made using a rigorous procedure. The oil base is that of pure coconut oil. Apart from that, four different kinds of oil seed extracts are used. Methi is one of them. Two of the seeds are exceedingly scarce and pricey.

As stated by Achala, the daughter who is her right hand in the company, “We obtain it from Himachal Pradesh with the aid of a supplier close by.” The oil seeds help to fortify the quality of the hair oil.

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The materials are gathered, and then the seeds are hand-pounded. It is combined with coconut oil and exposed to the sun for a minimum of six weeks.

“This is how the oil differs from other oils. The ingredients and oil are not heated or grounded. The procedure is done once a year because it is mostly dependent on the weather. We use two laborers to assist with the manual pounding, and the oil is entirely a domestic product”, said consultant Achala. Mani aunty personally inspects each bottle in a batch.

During their busiest time, they sell about 60 to 70 litres of oil. “All of Bengaluru’s clients are women. Some of them take the bottles home or even abroad and promote the oil to their relatives and friends,” says Achala enthusiastically.

Up to 600 rupees is spent on a bottle containing 300 ml of oil. According to Achala, this figure is due to the preparation and ingredient costs. “Even so, we don’t earn a large profit from this. We are at break even. Going big may change things, but it would mean numerous quality concessions, which we don’t like at all,” she continues.

A hobby that turned into a successful company – Nagamani’s story is truly inspirational.

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