The 2018 Winter Olympics is being held for the first time in South Korea from 9th February to 25th February 2018. They have once held the Summer Olympics in Seoul in 1988 too.

The opening ceremony held on Friday 9th February was an iconic one with the North and South Korean teams making their entrance under one flag with less than 50 miles of distance between them. With just enough distance between them for the borders of the nation, it created a sense of hope for peace and unification.

The Indian representation at this Winter Olympics will be through Jagdish Singh and Shiva Keshavan for Cross-country skiing and Luge respectively.

This Olympics will also be the last Olympics for Shiva Keshavan who was the flagbearer for India. Joining him will be Jagdish Singh, a cross-country skier.

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There was some trouble with Singh being unable to attend the opening ceremony due to some mishap between the authorities. Singh could not board his flight to Pyeongchang, South Korea in time for the opening ceremony due to his coach not being finalized in time. Both the Indian Army and WGFI (Winter Games Federation of India) wanted their coach to go.

Take a closer look at some more interesting details of these Winter Olympics and who the Indian sportspersons are:

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