Hearing about the mistreatment of a stray dog is nothing new in our society, unfortunately. Every other day we hear about how some random person or another ill treated a dog, whether a pet or a stray just because they are animals and cannot retaliate in the same way as a human.

Many also believe them to be lesser than humans, thinking they are stronger compared to animals and thus can do anything. It seems that sentiment really seems to be prominent considering what happened at a recent Indian Premiere League (IPL) match where a dog was chased and kicked out of the field after it accidentally entered it.

The video went viral though and brought about a lot of criticism for the way it was all handled.

What Happened?

On 24th March 2024, at the IPL game between Gujarat Titans (GT) and Mumbai Indians (MI), a video clip went viral where ground staff at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad were seen chasing a dog and trying to get it off the field.

MI captain Hardik Pandya had been trying to bowl when the dog entered the field, making the game pause while the bowler tried to call the dog to himself. Soon the staff and security also came over and tried to chase the dog away, trouble arose when in some of the videos its seen that the dog was chased, kicked and punched.

The Instagram account of StreetdogsofBombay shared the video and criticised the ground staff for the way they handled the dog. They wrote “During a recent IPL match, a distressing incident unfolded that has shocked many. A helpless dog was seen being kicked and chased relentlessly, highlighting the unfortunate reality of animal abuse that often goes unchecked. What makes this situation even more disheartening is the reaction of some spectators, who not only witnessed this cruelty but also found it amusing, as evidenced by their laughter and sharing of such videos with emojis.”

A person who claims they were present at that time in the stadium also reportedly wrote on social media “I was there in the stadium watching it live. I can see many people passing judgements here but let me make it clear. The dog had interrupted the game once and then he exited and he was let allowed to roam free, next ball he came again and did a round of stadium which also everyone let go as he was happy playing, next ball again third time he came in and was circling around, the game had to begin so people tried to catch him so that they can take him outside the security barriers but he was too fast, many ground staff tried to shoo him.”

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Criticism From People

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India in a statement said that they “strongly condemned” this “reprehensible and 100 per cent unsportsmanlike act of chasing, kicking, and punching a lost and confused dog who inadvertently entered the stadium, likely afraid”.

“The dog might have felt compelled to react in self-defence due to the repeated kicking by every individual [it] encountered, including a police officer, and being punched and knocked down by a man, as depicted in the video.”

Further, they stated that “Stadium authorities must immediately adopt humane methods of dealing with such situations,” and that “Furthermore, we call upon both the stadium and police authorities to take cognisance of this video, ensuring that such deplorable actions by members of the public, stadium staff, and law enforcement officials are prevented from occurring in the future.”

Animal rights activist Vidit Sharma also said, “It is disheartening that at an event organised on such a large scale, we lack basic facilities and infrastructure to handle how to treat animals — and the way people are laughing and sharing the videos with laugh emojis. We often see stray cats and dogs entering the field during international football matches but we don’t witness abuse there.”

Hindi movie celebrities also spoke about it with Varun Dhawan commenting “Wtf a dog isn’t a football. Also, the dog isn’t biting or harming anyone. Regardless, there has to be a better way” and Siddhanth Kapoor writing, “This video describes the state of humanity in today’s dna ( shameful ).”

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