In the world of chess, where intellectual prowess and strategic thinking take center stage, one might assume that the game transcends gender biases. However, 18-year-old Indian chess prodigy Divya Deshmukh recently shed light on the persistent sexism and misogyny that female players face in the sport, particularly in the aftermath of the Tata Steel Masters chess tournament in Wijk Aan Zee, Netherlands.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, the teenage International Master from Nagpur expressed her frustration with the unequal treatment meted out to women chess players.

Divya, who clinched the Asian Women’s Chess Championship last year, revealed that despite her impressive performance in the tournament, she and her female counterparts were often subjected to judgments unrelated to their abilities on the chessboard.

Deshmukh narrated her personal experience, citing instances where spectators and critics seemed more focused on her appearance, clothing, hairstyle, and accent rather than appreciating the intricacies of her gameplay.

She highlighted the stark contrast in the treatment of male and female players, emphasizing that while male players received praise for their strategic brilliance, women were unfairly judged for aspects that had no bearing on their chess skills.

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“I was quite upset to hear this, and I think it’s the sad truth that when women play chess, they often overlook how good they actually are, the games they play, and their strength,” Divya expressed, underscoring the prevalent gender bias in the chess community.

Despite finishing 12th in the challengers section, Divya Deshmukh emphasized that the focus on her games was minimal during interviews, with attention instead directed towards irrelevant personal matters. She lamented the unfair treatment, noting that male players receive fewer personal judgments and more compliments on their gameplay during interviews.

Deshmukh’s revelations shed light on a broader issue prevalent in women’s sports, where female athletes are still subjected to sexist behavior and intrusive questions about their appearance. Despite the progress made in terms of pay scale, the underlying sexism remains deeply ingrained.

The young chess sensation called for a change in the narrative, urging that women players deserve equal respect and appreciation for their skills on the board. She emphasized the underappreciation faced by women in general, as they often endure not only judgment but also unwarranted hatred.

The broader implications of Divya Deshmukh’s words extend beyond the realm of chess. They serve as a stark reminder that gender biases persist even in intellectual pursuits, where merit should be the sole determinant of recognition.

The call for equal respect echoes the sentiments of many female athletes who continue to challenge societal norms and strive for gender equality in the world of sports.

In conclusion, Divya Deshmukh’s brave stand against sexism in chess brings attention to an issue that requires collective acknowledgment and rectification.

It is a call for change, not just within the chess community but in society at large, where women athletes can compete without being judged for factors unrelated to their skills and accomplishments on the field or in this case, the chessboard.

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