Watch: Losers And Winners Of The 2018 January Transfer Window

Let's see which clubs splashed the cash on some quality signings this year!

The 2018 January transfer window was full of surprises. On one side, we saw Premier League clubs splash the cash on major signings whereas Spanish teams largely kept quiet, barring a few exceptions.

After analyzing 2017-18 season’s summer transfer window for major clubs, we analyzed this season’s January transfer window as well in a bid to find out that which of the top clubs from Europe’s elite leagues got the best buys and which ones couldn’t get their hands on any quality signings.

We took the liberty of combining a list of losers and winners from this year’s January transfer window and talked about 6 major clubs which were the most active in this transfer window, where we classified 3 major losers and 3 major winners.

So without further ado, here’s a 2-minute analysis video of this year’s winter transfer window, summed up for you:

So on our side, we believe it was clubs like Barcelona and Arsenal which made the most of their money and resources at their disposal as they strengthened their attack, where a point of commonality between the major spenders indicates that not a lot of teams invested in defenders with the exception of Liverpool, as the Merseyside club spent 75 million on buying a defender (oddly enough, for a player like Virgil van Dijk).

The grass wasn’t as green on the other side as Real Madrid couldn’t add to their squad which could use a little rejuvenation as their arch-rivals Barcelona are already flying high in the La Liga.

On that note, we wrap up the blog and if you think you know more interesting details or transfer deals which we missed out on, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Premier League, Metro, The Guardian + more

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