Watch: India’s Mysterious Twin Town Of Kodinhi

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There are two categories of twins – identical twins and non-identical twins. Don’t we all get awestruck whenever we come across identical twins? It is such an adorable experience to watch twins playing with each other, doing similar kinds of activities.

There is something so fascinating about identical twins. Kodinhi, a town in Kerala, India, is renowned for the highest birth rate of identical twins in India.

There is something mysterious about this village, which has attracted a lot of researchers and doctors to know more about the science behind it.

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To know why this village is called the mysterious twin town, watch the video above.

Interesting, isn’t it? Uniqueness is what defines India. Every nook and corner has a vibrant history and a unique story.

This is one such story of Kodinhi – the mysterious twin town.

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Sources: BBC News, Times of India

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