Watch: 6 Real Life Robberies That Could Have Inspired The Famous Netflix Series ‘Money Heist’

Money Heist is one of the most-watched non-English series on Netflix and it undoubtedly deserved to be the one. 

The Spanish series which is about a group of robbers pulling one of the biggest heists in history is popularized for both its screenplay and storyline.

The mastermind behind the story abstains from confirming whether Money Heist is inspired by a real-life heist.

But, if you look closely then it can be said that the excellent brain work by the Professor could have traces from some of the biggest heists in history. These robberies have used a similar framework to that of Professor’s to steal a big sum of money.

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Here are some of the most audacious heists that happened to use similar tactics to those used by the Professor in the world-famous series-

So, if you ever thought that Money Heist was unrealistic, then now is the time to change your mind after getting to know about such real-life heists!

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Sources: The Telegraph, MoneyWise + more

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