Bollywood = Music

No Bollywood masaledar movie is complete without an overdose of desi dhamakedar gaane, perfectly blended into a combination we know and love.

There is a certain quality about music that makes it retain in our memory, so much so that we might forget the story of a movie we grew up watching, but we will always remember the songs. We adore the voices behind the big screen as much as the faces on it.

The Bollywood Music Industry has always been a minefield of talents with musical maestros from the golden era such as Madan Mohan and contemporary prodigies like A. R. Rahman. Even though we know their songs like the back of our hands, there is quite a bit of bizarreness in the music world that we are unaware of.

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For instance, did you know that a famous Bollywood music director (who was incidentally an amazing cook) bribed an artist with bhindi to sing one of his compositions? Have you heard of the Bollywood song that was such a massive hit that it was adopted as a school’s anthem in Pakistan?

Our unquenchable thirst for all kinds of trivia has led to the compilation of some bizarre facts about the Bollywood Music Industry, tailor-made for Bollywood lovers of all ages – 

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