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I am bad at carrying conversations forward.

For instance, if someone tells me they had good samosa last night. My standard response will be “Acha” or maybe “Acha!”

I can’t reply by saying, I had this samosa two years ago and explain the taste in detail and further attach a PDF file of various other samosa joints around you.

Even if someone compliments my work, I can barely blurt out an awkward “Thank you” or an excited “I know”.

This often makes me feel like I lack a skill that has become a necessity for the kind of life we lead now, i.e. networking.

Whatever your profession these days is, whatever you produce, you cannot sit back until you market your produce well.

I often face situations where I am standing awkwardly with a person, I wish to make a conversation but I do not know what to say. This happens when I am around new people or someone who has been around me for some time but I have not had a conversation with them. The latter situation makes it even more difficult because once you miss the moment, it gets very awkward.

And if someone else makes a conversation, I shake my head in response to some questions or give mono-syllabic answers. In those moments, I sometimes wish to give an answer that at least lasts a sentence but I am not able to.

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I often wonder whether this will come back to bite me or it gives an impression about me that might not be true. But that doesn’t bother me.

Personally, I enjoy solace.

I enjoy not having to say anything or engaging in conversations that do not require extra effort because they flow naturally.

I am not a small-talk person.

But there are conversations that I wish to have but they don’t find words from my inner dictionary.

For instance, my teacher just called me to compliment a performance I had given yesterday. I can’t explain how elated I was to hear that because he is one of the best teachers I have had in my life. To his comment, I could only respond with a “Thank You Sir”, though an extremely happy one, but I couldn’t find any more words.

The conversation ended in one minute and 24 seconds!

Maybe, the art of conversation is not my cup of tea.

Not that I feel inadequate, it is just a paradox that I am made up of, just like everyone else is!

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  1. I just discovered this website today morning because of a failed navigation in google search resuts.But it turns out to be fun to read the articles.Specially this article has spoken what I feel everyday.I just lack the skill of continuing a conversation just like the author and most of the time I enjoy my silence.Networking is definitely not my cup of tea and due to this I have lost several opportunity in my career. Great website for leisure reading purpose.


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