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I’m currently in the middle of my second year and while I’m writing this article, I have tons of work pending to be completed on time. Important applications waiting to be sent to the concerned people, income tax to be studied for annual exams and these haven’t been done yet not because I’m procrastinating but because I have already too much on my plate to be finished before I hop onto those.

The funny part is I love this kind of life.

The idea of a busy and stressful life being better than a laid back and less challenging one was instilled in me right from my school days. I still remember that in class 12 when I was made the House Captain of my school which basically required organizing inter and intra-school and house events every fortnight, it had taken a toll on my studies and I ended up failing in a couple of papers in my school exams regularly.

Since it was around the time I had to give my boards, I had to perform well in studies. So, it was during this period where I learned to manage my professional duties and my personal ambitions quite well. And yes, I ended with a 97% in Class 12. I was also the same boy who flunked thrice in Maths, once in Accounts in my class 12 school exams.

My point is that the satisfaction one gets from achieving in a competitive and hardcore environment surpasses any emotion from having an organized, stress-free, happy go lucky life.  I see people wishing to settle in Switzerland or let’s say in hilly areas like Mussorrie and have a peaceful life. I try to stay away from such people as much as possible.

Currently, I’m at a puzzled point in my life. I literally don’t have free time to rest for a day because there are a lot of stuff lined up for me because of my responsibilities in college societies, my internships, studies, competitions and most importantly, the professional course I’m pursuing.

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I ain’t excelling at all of them but I do try to divide my time as perfectly as possible to get the maximum benefit I can get from each one of them.  It stresses me out many a time, weakens my social circle, puts my personal relationships at risk, takes a toll on my health but I don’t know why I think it’s worth it. This is the age to maximize one’s potential and explore as many areas as possible. We have been given one life so why waste it living a mediocre one?

I might be absolutely wrong in this aspect of thought process because ultimately, it’s the love we get from others that matters. Everyone loves a lovely life without any pain and worry, watch one’s actor on screen, go on a world tour and all the fun stuff. I’m not saying that this is detestable. Even I want such a life but at this age, everyone should work 24*7 so that when we get up from our bed at an old age of 60, we can be proud of the life we had led.

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