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My quest to find the best ice-cream in Delhi led me to this tiny place in SDA market in Hauz Khas a few years back and I find myself going back to it time and time again, which is why I thought it was time I introduce this place to the lot of you out there who aren’t familiar with Azoté.

It is an ice-cream parlour that uses liquid nitrogen to make ice-cream.

How you ask?

They simply add liquid nitrogen to an ice-cream mixture in addition to the flavours of the ice-cream the customer asks for in order to prepare instant ice-creams, otherwise known as Nitro Ice-Cream.

Azoté Nitro ice-cream
Image Credits: Google Images

They have a big stash of liquid nitrogen at hand and have to be very careful with it since it is extremely cold, and can cause frostbite or cryogenic burns if it is not handled in a safe and proper manner.

Azoté nitro ice-cream

How To Reach:

Located in the hub of South Delhi, the easiest way to reach is, of course, Metro. The closest station is Hauz Khas on the Yellow Line, from where you take an auto to SDA market, opposite to IIT-Delhi.

Ambience and Décor:

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a tiny place. In fact, if I’m not wrong, they do not have indoor seating as of now.

Do note that the lack of seating space does not at all reflect on the quality of the joint. It’s an absolutely fantastic place that churns out the perfect ice-cream.

Also! They have a door shaped like a refrigerator door which is just the right amount of whimsical that appeals to me.

Azoté nitro ice-cream
Door shaped like a refrigerator door

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What We Ordered:

Chocolate has always and will always remain my best friend till the day I die. (It may also be the reason I die, but that’s not relevant). We ordered the Chocolate Chip and Brownie ice cream.

They also offer a variety of other options like Banoffee Pie, Peanut Butter and Brownie, Chocolate Sorbet and more! Check out all the other flavours they offer!

 Watch the video below for a brief glimpse into how ice cream is made at Azoté.






They give you the best ice cream along with a syringe full of chocolate sauce or any other sauce that best pairs with your flavour of ice cream for you to squirt inside or on top of your ice-cream!

Other Details About The Place:

In addition to selling Nitro Ice-Cream, Azotē is also a pâtissière. They sell cookies and cakes in a jar, brownies and pastries and more!

They also make pancakes, an option which I, unfortunately, haven’t tried out yet but certainly do plan to, on my next visit!

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