The north-eastern part of India has a subculture that is different from the rest of the country.

What is the subculture that is defining fashion trends with creative galore?

You ask any girl or boy in the north-east about their favorite TV shows, they beamingly pour out their love for Korean dramas and movies.

With the ban that was imposed by Revolutionary People’s Front on the screening of Hindi movies and satellite channels, people started resorting to the Hallyu and the Haiku wave.

The Hallyu wave refers to the increasing popularity of South Korean culture since 1990’s. There was a fan base developing in the northeast. The fixation to anything Korean, be it dramas or soaps, lent them an outlet to express themselves.

The fashion-forward youths could relate similar aspects of their identity with the growing fad. The markets were flooded with colorful racks of fashionable clothes inspired by the Korean wave.

And the ubiquitous scene of hairstyles imitating K-Pop stars in salons are charmingly delightful.

Next is the Haiku wave to which the anime-obsessed Otakus boastfully associate with.

The Haiku wave is slowly catching on, as apart from the fan frenzy around anime characters, cosplay is also gaining momentum. The celebrated event of fans clad in costumes of their adored anime or manga characters is endearing and going to stick here for a long time.

Don’t believe me, still?

Kohima has a cosplay event in June and July every year where young people with their eccentric mix of anime/manga characters grace the event in style.

Am I sure this is more than enough to pump adrenaline into the anime junkies out there?

In conclusion, the fashion sense in the northeast is synonymous with Japan and Korea. Yep, unique and magnificent in its own way.

If you had forefathers resplendent in state-of-the-art jewellery or accessories in the past, leather jackets and distressed jeans catch your eye even for a fleeting second now.

Keeping such style checks on your radar, going-over the hottest and glocal Instagram feeds of bloggers is just a click away.

 All set to take notes and learn from their effortless and amazing style?

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Floral Prints and Pastels

Aien Jamir from Nagaland jazzes up this contemporary street style with floral prints and pastels. Clad in a mint jacket, she pairs her creative corner with sporty Adidas shoes.

In case you are shopping around at 12 am and decide to rummage through floral prints, you should give this quirky look a try!!

Quite fresh and bold, right?

All Black Athleisure Outfit

Angelina Pongener is one of the fashion bloggers from Nagaland that is known for the style that identifies individual personality. With this athleisure outfit, she manges to merge comfortable wear with glamour.

Throwing in a bomber leather jacket along with a pair of joggers makes peace with both your comfort and style.

Your answer to slaying the street this time? This look!!

Summer Fuss

Hailing from Sikkim, Roshnee prefers mixing vintage with vogue cult, immaculately creating her own style. She loves experimenting with silhouettes and she carries it well.

For this look, she paired a white ruffled Bardot top with a long slit skirt. And the fedora hat completes the summer look, culminating into a ready-to-go-anywhere outfit.

Pretty impressive, huh?


Nilu Yuleena Thapa‘s blog Big Hair Loud Mouth speaks of funky hairstyles and unabashed red lipstick.

This look titled “Resurfacing” is reminiscent of the times when you crave for your inner tomboyish book. Wearing oversized shirts and not bothering to hide your waistline. Adding on a pair of straight legged denim with easy heels can add a punk flavor.

If you want to showcase the inner rebel in you, this look is perfect.

The Concept of Cool

Apurva Lama manages an incredibly popular blog, AppyCat. Her blog is specifically dedicated to the current trends in street fashion.

If you look effortlessly stylish in anything you wear, your choices align with this premise. Allow yourself to participate in the ever-changing trends like a summer fling. No strings attached!

You may look pretty in dainty outfits but prettier with messy ones. The concept of cool changes from person to person. Don’t lose yourself with the updates.

If you don’t feel a part of you rushing through the veins with the clothes and shoes you wear, you are not doing it right.

Long Skirts and Brogues or the quirky and kitschy print trend, which is appealing to you?

You want updates on ethnic wear or finger-less hand gloves and statement rings, do check out their blogs and revel in the Fashion Zeitgeist if you are glossing over your sartorial choices.           

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