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QuoraED: The Most Ridiculous Demands Indian Marriage Alliances Make

Though we now have algorithms replacing middlemen to find the perfect partner with the perfect family and the perfect horoscope, the task is still as arduous as ever.


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Fair. Slim. Tall. RICH.

Be it through a marriage broker or an online matrimonial alliance, our partner preferences haven’t changed much with the evolution of technology.

Though we now have algorithms replacing middlemen to find the perfect partner with the perfect family and the perfect horoscope, the task is still as arduous as ever. When you reach the marriageable age, the society takes it upon their shoulders to put you on “the market”. Once you’re on the market my friend, there’s no turning back.

I don’t want to scare readers off with all these ‘bazaar’ metaphors, so let’s stop right there and look at the lighter side of things. The internet is bursting at the seams with all kinds of ridiculous marriage proposals, so here is a handpicked list from Quora, our favourite source for quirky answers.

Marriage cartoon

The original question was “What is one of the most ridiculous demands an Indian matrimony alliance has made of you?”

Here we go –


A user shared a story where the prospective groom demanded to see his cousin’s (the bride’s) mark-lists. Though they were surprised by this request, they complied and sent him scanned copies. The next thing they heard is that he rejected the proposal because, while her 91% and 95% results in the 10th and 12th grades respectively were deemed “fine”, she had scored less marks in her degree and, him being a topper throughout his life, did not want his kids to turn out ‘stupid’ on her account.

That is quite a bit of family planning right there but, I’m not sure if her influence is the one he should be worried about.

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Another user shared the story of her sister who was an IT professional. In the hunt for “the one”, they came across a particularly demanding mother-in-law. She put forward one condition that would have to be fulfilled by the bride-to-be if she wanted to continue working after marriage – her ATM card would be kept in the custody of the mother-in-law who would hand out monthly “pocket money” allowances to her.

Needless to say, she decided to keep both her ATM card and her freedom safely in her own pocket.

Wedding ring turned handcuffs


The bride-hunter was a well-to-do employee of a firm and the prospective bride, a bank officer. Miraculously, both families found the match a suitable one, until the groom decided to put up another demand. Since bank officers were prone to transfers and further promotions, she was asked to request for a demotion to the position of a clerk in order to secure a pleasant family life and a sound male ego.

Abort mission. I repeat, abort mission.

It seems like all these examples have been displaying men in a bad light. I hear you. So brace yourselves, the worst is yet to come.


This is one of those “only happens in India” kind of stories. The bride had just one major preference, apart from the usual requirements, that would seal the deal of marriage – a groom without parents. Yes, you read that right. She wanted the family package, minus the in-laws. Dear Indian TV serials, this is what saas-bahu soaps do to young girls. Take note.

It isn’t all horror stories and nightmares; happy marriages do exist (or so say the ads on The least we can do as millennials is to bring about a change in this repulsive tradition of setting unreasonable (and absolutely unnecessary) standards and absurd demands for potential partners.

Put on that thinking cap and make sensible decisions, the rest of your life depends on it.

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