There’s something about Mary Rahul. No, he didn’t get a newly starched, white kurta to wear. Okay, maybe he did but, that’s not it. Rahul Gandhi, the Prince Charles to India’s predominant royal political family introduced the country to his new best friend and addition to the family, Pidi. Pidi Gandhi. Yes, that is his name.

Were you as confused as I was when over the past few weeks Rahul Gandhi seemed more witty and sarcastic on his Twitter handle? It was as if Rahul Gandhi was a new person. As it turned out, it was. A different species. It was Pidi, Gandhi’s namaste-doing, treat-eating dog.

How did the twitterverse react? They reacted as you would expect a reaction to be to a video of a cute dog. But then again, that wasn’t going to last, was it? Soon, there were a lot of people taking shots at Rahul, at Pidi and at their attempt at humour and sarcasm. There were even some who claimed that No, Pidi wasn’t the one behind the tweets. Yeah, well done, Sherlock.

Don’t listen to anyone, Rahul. Pidi is the Brahmastra you wish you had before. You know why? Because, he is a dog. Everyone loves dogs. Well, everyone except the detective/contract killer in Baadshah. So, here goes. A couple of ways Rahul Gandhi can use Pidi to his social and political advantage,

Pic with Pidi, Tinder hoga busy

A survey by Skout, the social networking site across five countries suggests that men who have a picture with their dog on Tinder are likely to be more popular and get more matches than most. That makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, women do seem to show more love towards dogs than men.

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Anyways, why shouldn’t Rahul Gandhi use this to his advantage? Your dog can do namaste? Well and good. Have him stand by your side and do a double namaste for a great Tinder display pic. Women love that. And hey, this might be Rahul Gandhi’s chance to finally get hitched and married.

Credits: Firstpost

Sure, that would be a very uncomfortable discussion to have with your kids. Hey, kids! I met your mother on this dog-biased, courtship app called Tinder. But, that’s any day better than spending nine seasons telling your kids who your mother really is.

Fraandship with PM Narendra ‘Mitron’ Modi

Narendra Modi is India’s Prime Minister. But, let’s face it. He’s still the new kid on the block. I mean sure, he was Chief Minister of an important state for more than a decade but, did he have a lot of friends? Not really. Many in his party didn’t like him and the US didn’t want him anywhere close. Fast forward 2014: PM Modi is popular within his party and with the people. The US, for all its talk about not welcoming human rights violators, opened the red carpet for him. You know why? Because, he was the new kid in control of the shiny, new toy and machine which is India.

Who is PM Modi’s friend? We all know who his best friend is. Russian President Vladimir Putin, of course. Long has PM Modi said that Russia and Putin are India’s best friends. And, why does he believe so? Because notwithstanding the shared history, defense and technological achievements of the two countries, President Putin loves dogs. He has plenty. And, as the picture below suggests, so does PM Modi. And no, this pic does not have a dog filter. Please don’t arrest me.

If a dog pic is the way to get a date with a woman on Tinder, a dog may be the way into the good graces of PM Modi. Go on, Rahul. Set up a meeting with Pidi and PM Modi. That’ll buy you PM Modi’s eternal friendship. Maybe get you a voiceover role on Chhota Bheem someday.

I own quite a few dogs myself. And, what I can say for sure is, dogs are very capable of taking care of themselves. Rahul Gandhi needs Pidi. Because well, without him, he would be busy inaugurating Amma Indira canteens and building potato factories. But, does Pidi need Rahul? I don’t think so.

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet itself suggests that Pidi is smarter than Gandhi. If that’s so, why not challenge Gandhi himself for the leadership of the party? Become party president, Pidi. Don’t let your four-legged, tree-humping/peeing nature stop you from becoming the Congress’ party president. Don’t worry about it being a tough ask. After all, if Pegasus, a pig can be a nominee for the US presidency in 1968, you can become the INC President.

And, don’t worry about Rahul. He might just be busy with all the dates you found him on Tinder.

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