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Imagine you’re sitting on your couch, watching your favourite T.V. show and then suddenly in between there’s a call on your phone, you pick it up, and it’s your friend telling you about his/her selection in IAS… what would you feel?

Is the feeling good or bad? Envious or happy? Clearing the IAS exam is a rare phenomenon and so is doing the same by your close friend.

The original question says, “What is it like to have your friend clear IAS exam?

Check out what some people who have experienced a similar situation, have to say.

One user says-

My best friend (since the age of 3) was all set to become an IAS officer. She is one person I have seen go through her entire journey and as we have 24 years of friendship in between us, she is practically family.

It started in the year 2009 when she decided to pursue Civil services instead of Civil Engineering. We were in college back then and at that point, I was apprehensive but had confidence in her abilities. In her first attempt, she wasn’t prepared nicely so she missed the mains.

The second attempt was also missed by a few marks in mains and the same happened in the third. Each year I had my fingers crossed, scared of jinxing the entire process (call me superstitious :P ). I even tried convincing her during her third attempt to keep a plan B but she was so focused that it was not an option.

However, during her fourth time, she was convinced and got an MBA offer from a reputed institution. The results came in a few days after that and there she was. Her name was in the top 50 of UPSC.

It took one day for me and two days for her for the feeling to sink in. She became a local celebrity overnight in our town with wishes and people pouring in from all corners telling her how proud they feel for her achievement.

As for me, the feeling was a mixture of RELIEF (I had worried my head out in last 5 years), pride and happiness in general. A warm and gooey feeling akin to chocolate brownie washed over me seeing my bestie being happy after a long time and getting into a profession she is really passionate about.


While the other user has three such friends –

I have three friends who have cleared this year’s Civil Services Examination.


This guy was my senior at college. When I was in my 4th year, he was in his 5th year. (Pursuing his B.Tech and M.Tech Dual Degree). We both had worked for a college debate club, called the Colloquium. (The Colloquium)

So, I knew he was taking his Prelims examination when I hadn’t even started my prep. He cleared Prelims, wrote Mains, cleared it and then gave the interview as well. But, couldn’t clear it.

This was 2012.

Then came 2013. Same result.

Then came 2014. Same result.

He was one of the nicest guys I knew, one of the smartest guys I knew and one of the most humble hardworking too. He even went on to write a book on Indian Politics, like Laxmikanth.

But, I always knew he would make it big. But, every time I saw his results, I used to feel bad. I mean, I used to watch him debate passionately about the country’s issues in the Debate club, and me, as an impressionable junior used to get inspired.

And then came 2015. He cleared the exam.

I could actually feel the sense of relief he would have had. I could feel the hard work for the past 4 years that he had put in. I was so happy that I smiled when I saw his name on the list. I was glad that he could clear it.

Because I knew how it would feel to fail so many times. I couldn’t be happier to see his success. It was late, but it was totally worth it.

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She was also my college senior. I was doing my 4th-year B.Tech and she was doing her Dual degree. At that time I did not know her. I didn’t even know she existed because she had always kept a low profile.

She gave her first attempt in 2013. We both used to write answers on Insights. I didn’t know at that time she was my college-mate, but she knew me it seems.

She cleared in her first attempt and got IRS. We both chatted for a while and I was happy for her. But, I knew she deserved more. She had got the highest marks in the interview, that year, because she was one of the most mature and socially-oriented persons. It showed that even the panel thought she deserved IAS!

She told me that she would give another attempt to get IAS.

The second attempt was in 2014. She cleared the exam again, but still couldn’t get a rank that would get her IAS. She was a bit disappointed but tried to move on, and started preparing again.

This shows her determination and never-stopping attitude. If it were me, I would have stopped studying as soon as I got IRS and would have partied a lot. But, she, she was different.

So, she studied again. Wrote 2015. Got a rank in the double digits.

True Stud. Truly inspiring.


I met him in Delhi through some common friends. He had given his first attempt in 2014, and had got a decent rank and had got IRTS. He was happy about it, we met, we partied. It was fun.

But, there is always something in the brain that itches one’s desire. He had this intense desire. He knew the rank was good, but he also knew it wasn’t good enough.

That inherent desire fueled his ambition and made him take up the books again. Within a week of getting the results! He studied again!

And wrote the 2015 exam. Got a rank in the double digits. :D

Each one of them has taught me some very valuable lessons to incorporate in my own life which is :

Perseverance. Determination. Passion.

Coupled with immense hard work.

Brings you excellence.

Which automatically results in success. Each one of them has shown me firsthand the struggles they have been through and have shown me to never give up. In the face of adversity, or at the face of success, they have taught me to never stop pursuing your true passion, and your unattainable ambition.

I am very happy for them, but also a bit sad for myself, as I couldn’t be with them. But, overall I am glad for the country.


You needn’t be one’s friend to know that the IAS officers had toiled day and night to achieve their dreams but, to know them personally in their bad and good days and how they didn’t succumb to their failures and adversities teaches you many things. Whether their selection makes you happy or little jealous, you can always learn from them and work for yourselves.

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