Ample of movies are made around the theme of terrorism every year. And after one such long run of binge-watching a series of dramas, my eyelids finally gave up and my mind dared to ask for more but something in sort of a different sense.

And then it came up. FOUR LIONS – A comical dark satire on terrorism. Much to my surprise, the movie was one incredible jewel dwelling in the infinite deep abyss of the Internet.

What’s It About

So the movie is an interesting take on the current situation of jihadist terrorism and how it gets propagated through the minds of current day Muslims.

The movie demonstrates the story of 4 British-Pakistanis and their journey of becoming suicide bombers to attain the so-called Jannat (Heaven).

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The movie marks the directorial debut of director Chris Morris who is now a common name in innovative and satirical dark comedies. Four Lions helped earn Chris Morris his very first BAFTA as well.

Why It’s Amazing

First and foremost, Four Lions is actually a satire which means most of the events in the movie are exaggerated to highlight the imbecility of the characters.

The topic of satire is terrorism which enunciates the confidence of director Chris Morris.
It’s almost unreal how the movie started off as a usual comedy flick and went on to become an insightful yet ridiculously funny, dark comedy.

It sensibly satires the concept of dedication that drives people to the extent of lunacy and how without being ideologically honed, a bunch of ill-prepared wannabe jihadists makes it through the dilemma of what’s right and what they plan to do.

The movie takes you on the other, much-hidden side of the aspirations of becoming radicalized by the jihadi spirit. You can relate to the characters, feel their militant motives and intense desperation of becoming terrorists, and still come out feeling pretty bad for them.

The mixed use of British and Punjabi cuss words added to the much needed realistic humor and believability of the movie’s theme.

Check it out:

If you’re looking for a comedy that involves extreme satire and a little darkness in the script and dialogues doesn’t bother you, then this flick is definitely for you.

Else, just get a nice sense of humor folks!

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