Did You Know That There Are Various Different Types Of Comedy? Let Us Demystify Them For You

In a country where Kapil Sharma is given God-like status for his poor jokes, people often overlook these other amazing comedy styles so we demystify them for you!

Comedy as an art form has grown over the ages. In a country where Kapil Sharma is given God-like status for his poor jokes, people often fail to see the other genres, styles and types of comedy present. 

Comedy isn’t simple and often comes naturally. Artists spend years trying to perfect a joke and it’s only fair that we appreciate them by giving them proper recognition for their varied comedic styles.

So, here are some of the most famous types of comedy styles for you :

#1. Black comedy :

One of the most popular types of comedy styles that we love to see ; be it stand up or in movies. Black comedy deals with subjects which are mostly considered too taboo or too sensitive to be joked about.

Issues such as sex, rape, drugs, terrorism, etc. which are often viewed as serious topics are often used in this genre for politically incorrect humor.

Seth Macfarlane types of comedy black comedy
Seth Macfarlane, who has popularized black comedy.

Popular artists such as Seth McFarlane and Seth Rogen are brilliant at it. Even Bill Cosby was but he took it too seriously. Haha.

#2. Character Comedy :

This is a style which has been revolutionized by mostly stand up comedians who develop a certain character and develop their act around it.

The jokes are often heavily stereotypical and often politically controversial, too.

A brilliant example would be Sacha Baron Cohen and his characters such as Borat, Ali G and Admiral General Aladeen.

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#3. Spoof comedy :

The one genre which is either extremely funny or downright stupid is spoof.

Remember watching movies like Sacry Movie (part 1 to 5), Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Hot Shots series and Meet The Spartans?

These movies take elements from various popular movies and other tid-bits from pop culture to mock them and that’s spoof comedy for you!

#4. Observational / Satire :

Both these styles often are intended to poke fun at real life situations but with a little difference.

Where observational style pokes fun at regular day-to-day lives of the artist making the jokes or his surroundings in general, satire often deals with taking up a popular issue and framing jokes on that particular issue.

Russell Peters comedy
Russell Peters, who has been a popular name in observational comedy.

This comedic style has been popularized by stand up comedians like Russell Peters with his hilarious sets.

Think you know more styles and types of comedy? Feel free to comment below!

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