The Hangover is a classic movie for young people around the world. One night, 4 friends and an unforgettable and uncalled for adventure.

After seeing Kaalakaandi’s trailer I feel this might be the closest we can come to getting a desi Hangover. I also feel that Kaalakaandi has the potential to reach a cult classic status and perhaps if the movie does well, it could spark off a sequel or even series.

Now based on my observations, I can see a lot of similarities between certain characters in Kaalakaandi with those from Hangover.

So check out my take on our very own Hangover:

Kunal Roy Kapoor as Stu the Dentist

Kunal Roy Kapoor’s character as I can see from the trailer would be the best fit for the character of Stu (Ed Helms) the dentist. Kapoor’s character is similar to Stu’s in that he too seems like a scared and timid character, probably not much of a risk-taker, a normal boy next door.

Deepak Dobriyal as Mr. Chow

When there is a hero, there is a villain and Deepak Dobriyal’s character could be the perfect desi Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong), a completely crazy, lunatic from whom no one is safe.

Saif Ali Khan as Phil the School Teacher and Alan

While Saif might resemble the straight-laced and calm, level-headed Phil (Bradley Cooper) in the beginning, his eventual transformation after taking the drugs gives him a more Alan (Zach Galifianakis) vibe with his crazy and absurd kind of attitude.

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Akshay Oberoi as Doug

The seemingly docile friend who is getting married is present in both the movies and so who better than Akshay Oberoi to be the Doug (Justin Bartha) of Kaalakaandi. Akshay’s character just like Doug seems like a very normal good-looking guy, who might be easily influenced by friends.

Nary Singh as Jade the Helpful Stripper

The character of Nary Singh as a transgender stripper is extremely fascinating and can resemble a bit to that of Jade (Heather Graham) the stripper.

And thanks to a bit of inside information, I did get to know that while Saif’s character does not purposefully look to getting into that situation, the drugs and the eventual incident with Nary Singh’s character helps him get a different perspective on life.

Amyra as Tracy The Bride

Amyra Dastur who is seen playing the bride as what I can see from the trailer and the song Kaala Doreya will fit the character of Tracy (Sasha Barrese).

Of course, at the end of the day, this is just my personal opinion and I am nowhere confirming that the movie is going to play out similar to the movie Hangover itself. What I did think was that based on the trailers and clips, some of the characters resembled those from the Hollywood movie.

But who knows, Kaalakaandi might just surprise us by giving us something extremely different and hopefully better than even what The Hangover did!

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