If you are a Delhi-ite (or live in North or East India), you might have noticed the closure of McDonald’s restaurants and the glaring changes when they reopened.

The closure was a very big deal for us Delhi-ites. The reason is that McD had become such an integral part of our food lives, always there for a quick and cheap bite.

What was even more strange was that when it reopened, the branding was gone, they were missing signature items like the Chicken Maharaja Mac, and the ‘Mc’ prefix was gone. Suddenly, McSpicy Paneer became Spicy Paneer, McAloo Tikki became Aaloo Tikki and so on.

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It turns out this was because of a power struggle between Vikram Bakshi’s CPRL, which operated over 160 outlets in North and East India and MIPL. Check out the images below for a full explainer. For an in-depth analysis, check out this link.

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