Air Deccan chairperson GR Gopinath rightly said that Vijay Mallya is a victim of his arrogance and has become a ‘political football’ and is criticized far more than he should have been.

Why The Unfair Treatment?

Every one of us is aware that Mr. Mallya is a regular party-goer whose interests vary from  F1 to annual calendars, had close political relations with the UPA government and always seemed to be invariably in the limelight for some reason or the another. In the words of the Deccan Chairperson, he indeed is the poster boy of loan defaults and is paying the price for his over the top lifestyle.

“In our Country, I assumed that innocence prevails till proven guilty. Media have convicted me guilty without trial with widespread influence.”

Mallya has time and again said that a defamation campaign has been staged against him resulting in him getting the title of the king of all Bank Defaults.

“In fact, banks have NPAs of Rs.11 trillion and have borrowers who owe much more than the amount allegedly owed by Kingfisher Airlines to the banks—a fact never alluded to or widely reported by the media as in my case.”

(Source: Economic Times)

“I have always lived an honourable life and the calumny notwithstanding shall continue to do so. As to the allegations in the media, all I can say is I hope some sobriety and sense will prevail and truth not held a hostage to TRP (television rating point).” (Source: LiveMint)

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The Other Big Defaulters

It is no secret that companies like Adani, Reliance has far larger debts to their name but then the media doesn’t run prime TV debates highlighting it. As a viewer, it was disgusting to see Arnab Goswami shouting to Vijay Mallya over the phone and passing judgments as if he were a murderer. I’m not a journalist but then such level of journalism is definitely not pleasing to the eye and moreover, NOT TO THE EAR.

Can you imagine Arnab Goswami saying to Adani that he owes the banks crores of money and telling him to pay it off immediately? NO.

A Victim Of Witch Hunt

I’m not saying that Mallya has a clean soul and is an angel. He deserves to be punished and punished harshly. But why is this harsh treatment meted out only to him and not the other corporates?

He recently said,

“I am kind of getting used to these witch hunts coming from all directions with no legal basis whatsoever. Shows what government machinery can do.”

Spare a thought for this man. He is wrong. He should be behind the bars. Is he getting a fair trial though? Has he been unfairly targeted just because he isn’t a Modi man and used to be close to Congress? Or should I, just like the revered Republic TV head, Arnab Goswami say out loud,

“Why did you leave? You are a coward?”

Image Credits- Google, Economic Times, Capitaline

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  1. Adani,ambani didn’t run out of country..Moreover Arnab shouted because this guy mallya didn’t paid salary to his employees who are committing suicide and payed 11 crores to buy yuveraj singh in the time of crisis.This coward should return to India and be prosecuted .


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