Kasauti Zindagi Kay has come back with a brand new season and its trailer has been well received. The paparazzi has been all over this news.

This iconic show which was once the soul of the 2000’s, ran for seven long years making it one of the most-watched series.

But after Netflix and online content would this show garner the same old response?

The promotion has already been done and is excessively over the top. Recently the team unveiled the “statue of love” in 10 cities each of which is 23 feet tall!

Statue of love

What is the ‘statue of love?’ 

Since the ultimate romance saga has made a comeback lovebirds Prerna and Anurag Basu are back again striking the same iconic pose under the red dupatta. This statue is everywhere and one cannot unsee it.

They’ve made sure that they shove it into one’s face every time one crosses a mall/ TV/ YouTube/ Twitter. The red scarf almost seems like Draupadi’s endless saari, under which the couple is seen embracing each other.

This was termed as the “Statue of Love” by Ekta Kapoor, recently.

The installations have been made in Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Delhi, Rajkot, Pune, Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai, Nashik and Noida. Different couples from the television industry inaugurated these statues of love.

Is the 2000’s nostalgia hitting hard?

As a kid, I remember being glued to the TV screen as Komolika cunningly planned to ruin Prerna’s life (since of course, she was jobless) with characters who were getting resurrected left right and center.

Mr. Bajaj and his complex personality and the exemplary camera shots taken to highlight the climax were dramatic to another level. With the promotions of the show being overdone, the charm of the show has completely been ruined.

However, my most favourite part of the show was the soundtrack “Chahat Ke Safar”, even today it takes me back to my childhood. Adjusting to the new faces, however, is going to be tough for the majority.

Also, it would be interesting to see how logic is again defied in the show and how the audience is fooled. Indian daily soaps have wonderful tactics of bluffing the audience and dragging the same 10-minute plot for years or more.

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Recreation of the same old “magic”?

The show, no matter how much of a sham it was, held the audience like none other. But in the present day scenario, what extra element could be added to recreate a more convincing plot and character story?

The vamp of all times.

Indian daily soaps divorce themselves from reality and are all about the glamour. Money, grand sets, fancy costumes overshadow the plot. Instead of showing unbelievable characters and thousand resurrections they could largely focus on a better storyline or some social issue.

Perhaps, better scriptwriters or maybe even not stretching a show for as long as 7-8 years might work in their favour. An attempt to create the same old magic has been done by placing it in the current context.

Finally, to top it all, none other than but the king of romance is here to promote the show: Shahrukh Khan. He can be seen promoting and talking about the lovebirds Prerna and Anurag in the trailer. Is it going to be a great comeback? I sure hope so.

P.S- Maybe Prerna or Anurag could be fond of consensual same-sex marriages or maybe this time Komolika wants Prerna badly and fights with Mr. Basu. I would love to watch such a plot.

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Image Source: Google Images

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