The chairman of Tata Sons, N Chandrasekaran, has declared that the makeover of Air India is still ongoing and that the entire nation is rooting for the airline. During the BT MindRush 2023 event, Chandrasekaran revealed that he gets four to five messages a day about Air India, which is owned by the Tata Group.

Chairman of Tata Sons, N Chandrasekaran

He believes that these messages demonstrate the airline’s support and pleasant thoughts. 

Tata Chairman’s Claims

N Chandrasekaran said, “Everyone in this country is rooting for Air India.” He also stated that he receives numerous emails per day, some of which express interest in working for the airline and others which offer guidance.

Even those who have had poor experiences, he claims, have noticed improvements in areas such as on-time delivery and customer service. Tata Sons’ chairman also stated that he receives messages regarding Air India on WhatsApp, some of which include concerns about the airline’s interiors, faulty seats, or filthy conditions.

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Complaints And Compliments 

Chandrasekaran also stated that he receives WhatsApp messages regarding Air India, with some criticising the inside of the plane, and others pointing out how the seat did not operate or how anything was dirty.

“So I get about four-five mails on Air India every day, some on WhatsApp, some on email,” said the Tata Sons’ Chairman while speaking at an event earlier this week.

Taking Action In Response

Chandrasekaran acknowledged that he reads the emails and answers to them as often as possible. If action cannot be taken, he advises the complainant to be patient and give them time to develop. 

“The transformation is happening in human resources. We have completely revamped the technology. We are revamping engineering and ground handling. The entire fleet will get changed. We have made one of the biggest [aircraft] orders. And that’s a very bold bet!” he said.

Recently, Air India pilots wrote a letter to Ratan Tata complaining about the negligence they face from the HR Department. They wrote the letter after the HR Department failed to address their issues. 

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