In a shocking incident, an increasing number of people in Pakistan are keeping the graves of female family members under lock and key. The issue was brought up by certain social media users, including activists and authors.  

Here’s What Happened

An Ex-Muslim Atheist campaigner and author of the book “The Curse of God, Why I Left Islam,” Harris Sultan, blamed extreme Islamist theology for such heinous deeds.

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He tweeted, “Pakistan has created such a horny, sexually frustrated society that people are now putting padlocks on the graves of their daughters to prevent them from getting raped. When you link the burqa with rape, it follows you to the grave.” 

What Are Necrophilia Cases

Necrophilia cases are on the rise. Every two hours, a woman is raped which has made people question others’ consciences. 

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Sajid Yousaf, a Twitter user wrote, “The social environment created by #Pakistan has given rise to a sexually charged and repressed society, where some people have resorted to locking their daughter’s graves to protect them from sexual violence. Such a connection between rape and an individual’s clothing only leads to a path filled with grief and despair.” 

Previous Instances 

Several times in the past, women’s bodies have been discovered and desecrated. In May 2022, unknown males dug up the body of a teenage girl and raped her in the Chak Kamala hamlet of Gujrat, Pakistan. This happened on the same night that the deceased’s relatives buried him. 

According to reports, the tragic act was discovered when the deceased girl’s relatives attended the burial the following morning in accordance with their religious traditions. The kin discovered the body dug up and exposed. Rape marks were found on the body. 

In 2021, some unknown persons committed a similar horrific deed in the village of Maulvi Ashraf Chandio, near the seaside town of Ghulamullah. Unidentified guys allegedly dug up and raped a woman’s dead body in Karachi’s Landhi Town in 2019. The woman was laid to rest in Ismail Goth Cemetery.

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  1. But tv9, popular telugu media channel clarified that, this grave is from Hyderabad. The grills are arranged to prevent the garbage throwing into the graves. So, the writer committed wrong or media report is wrong is to be confirmed.


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