Indian politics since inception hasn’t been a very inclusive one but with changing times we have a young personality to prove it all wrong.

Sudeep Shukla, a software engineer who left his well paying job to join politics is all set to contest the upcoming elections from Satna, Madhya Pradesh.

Sudeep Shukla is a person with disability and if he wins he will be the first deaf and mute candidate to become an MLA in the country.

This engineer has, unlike a lot of individuals, instead of simply pointing out the flaws, taken charge into his hands to participate and work for the disabled community and the general welfare in the area.

“This country does not need those who can speak and hear but those who can perform. And I believe in action,” Gyanendra Purohit (advisor) said quoting Sudeep.

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It’s necessary to voice your opinions

The candidate has till now been receiving a lot of support from the community nationwide, who’ve gathered to help him in canvassing.

Sudeep has been campaigning with the help of interpreters and also through sign language which makes the entire process very accessible and inclusive.

Gyanendra Purohit who has been an advisor to Sudeep in planning the campaigning, has worked for the disabled for past many years.

Invites have been sent to Raghav Bir Joshi from Nepal, Asia’s first deaf MP and also personalities like Ndeezi Alex of Uganda, world’s first deaf and mute MP along with Mojo Celeste Mathers, New Zealand’s first deaf and mute parliamentarian to join the process.

The recent gory incident of young deaf and mute girls facing sexual harassment in a shelter home in Bhopal inspired Sudeep to contest and execute the changes he has envisioned.

Madhya Pradesh- The heart of incredible India

MP politics have been unconventional and breakthrough in terms of innovation and inclusivity. From the country’s first eunuch mayor, Kamla Jaan to country’s first eunuch MLA, Shabnam Mausi it’s all very path breaking.

MP also takes pride in sending Yamuna Prasad Shastri, country’s first visually impaired person to make way in the Parliament.

Sudeep is a flag-bearer of change and this kind of change is going to question the stagnated mindsets of masses who doubt the potential of a person with disability.

Even though the inclusion is coming in very late it should be more incorporated and encouraged for fair representation of all communities.

Sources- India Today, Indian Wire,  Asian Age 

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