Almost everyday, we get to hear about a new success story in the media. Whether it’s about someone as huge as JK Rowling or somebody who lives next-door, the stories are all equally awe-inspiring.

I too stumbled upon one such story on the television recently, and I dunno why, but it touched me on a personal level.

Maybe it was because it’s a home story, a story about someone from India or maybe, it’s because there was something so endearing and positive about Aditi’s 32-all-out smile that I just couldn’t stop myself from writing about it.

Aditi Verma is a 23-year-old entrepreneur, who owns a café at Navi Mumbai’s Belapur. As you enter the place, you’d almost think it’s just another eating joint serving beverages and snacks, but as you make yourself comfortable and see little Aditi slowly making her way towards you, you’ll know it’s a lot more than just another eatery. It’s a feeling.

The protagonist of our story, Aditi suffers from Down’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes intellectual disability and developmental delays.

She went through an open heart surgery when she was as young as two-years-old. But these are just one of the many extraordinary things about her.

How Did It All Begin?

Aditi was admitted into a special school when her parents realized that she was facing hell at a normal one. Mass bullying, non-understanding teachers and a tedious curriculum were part of her daily life. She’d often be found hiding under benches and crying to herself.

At her new school, Aditi crossed all levels of success. She was awarded the ‘best student’ medal and also, outperformed all her classmates in extra-curricular activities. She loved dancing and drama, and was awarded the ‘best actress’ award in a competition.

The doctors always told Aditi’s parents to treat her like any other normal child as it was the only thing that would motivate her to move ahead in life.

So when Aditi completed her schooling, her parents realized that they wanted to make Aditi economically independent.

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The Start Of A New Chapter

They initially made her do data-entry for her father’s logistics business. She gradually learnt to make and handle account books, that too without any calculation errors.

But there was something missing: Aditi, although extremely proficient at her work, wasn’t really taking interest in the same.

Her mother noticed her detachment from work and saw her taking a keen interest in cooking. She says,

”Aditi always had a knack for cooking. Sometimes, she used to watch videos on YouTube and prepare dishes. So my husband, cousin and I decided to do help her realise her dream”

Therefore, Reena and Amit Verma presented their darling daughter with a very special new year’s gift- ‘Aditi’s Corner’- her very own eating joint.

It’s been two years since Aditi has been successfully running the place. Apparently, Aditi’s customers call her the ‘Little Business Woman’.

Aditi has two helpers for herself but multitasks all her daily activities: from taking orders to cooking meals to making the accounts of the place, Aditi is a true motivation and makes us question, whether we’re really living our best lives?

Aditi’s Dream

Aditi wanted to expand her horizons and help other disabled children like her realize their full potential. So one fine day, she went to her father and said,

“I want to grow this – but I want to bring out people like me from their homes, employ people like me, train and make them independent.”

What Aditi’s parents had dreamt for her many years back, today, Aditi dreams the same for others. Truly, children imbibe what they see. And truly, people like Aditi still walk upon this Earth, making it a home for everyone.

Acting upon her unique idea, she represented Maharashtra as an entrepreneur in the Self Advocates Forum Of India (SAFI) in Bangalore in 2016 and was nominated as the state representative for the same.

We wish Aditi many such other accolades in life and that she forever continues to inspire us all with her hard work, diligence and consistency.

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Sources: The Hindu, Your Story, Patient’s Engage

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