“Don’t you feel lonely without a partner?”

“Who do you talk to when you feel low?”

“You’re just playing hard to get!”

“Shall I set you up for a date?”

Well, if God forbid you happen to be that single friend, every couple is so desperately trying to set up, then being labeled with such dopey stereotypes must be your daily cup of tea.

Being someone who believes that there are more important questions to life than just What’s your relationship status?, I’m here to debunk a few popular myths associated with single people and thus, with single-hood in general.

1. Getting committed is the ultimate and the only real life goal of single people

According to this myth, single people are assumed to be constantly cribbing about not having a special someone in their lives, and that they are almost desperate to find “the one” for themselves.

However, there is little truth to it. Not many are aware that quite a number of people are ‘single by choice’. They are simply so busy in their lives (and happily so) that they do not have time to hunt for their significant other.

Even people, who might not necessarily be single by choice and are open to relationships, do not just sit and wait for their prince/princess to make an entry into their lives.

They have interesting hobbies to pursue and enough friends to socialize with, that more often than not, they are actually quite happy enjoying their sweet solitude.

2. They hate other couples and their cute couply habits

Honestly, I so had to get this one off my chest. Yes, we don’t like overdone PDA in any manner whatsoever but seriously, who does?

Almost all my friends are committed and just as much as I enjoy being the third wheel; they have never made me uncomfortable.

I genuinely like their company and love hanging out with them. Be it teasing them or goofily asking them for inside details, it’s always been a fun job.

So yes, to say that we hate them would be wrong and also that way, wouldn’t we miss out on the free trips to ice-cream shops that we get in return for providing them with our third wheel-ship and expert relationship advice?

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3. Single people are unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives

From early childhood, we’ve been made to believe the fact that the only way of finding happiness in life is through getting committed or worse, married. The notion that only some other human being is capable of making us truly happy is so wrong in itself.

Love stems from happiness, not the other way around. If we are not self-satisfied and content with being who we really are, would we ever be able to find true love? I really don’t think so.

I know some single people who are living their best life possible – completing work targets, going to parties, making social appearances and also, finding quality time to spend in solitude. So yes, the idea that only a relationship can make you truly happy is just what it sounds like – a myth.

4. Single people are self-centered and immature

Being single or committed doesn’t make you mature or immature. It’s something that comes from one’s experiences in life, the type of parenting one has been subjected to, the kind of friends one has had and many other such factors.

Labeling them as self-centered because they are single is a pretty harsh generalization since selfishness is a trait that varies from person to person, single or committed.

While some of the above myths might be true for some of us, there’s not one that can be applied to all of us. It’s time we stopped characterizing people on the basis of whether they are single or committed because as much as it’s unfair, it also gives out the wrong idea to the younger generation.

Toxic and abusive relationships are carried on by them for long periods of time just because of the fear of stereotypes and labels that they would be subjected to otherwise.

So to wrap things up, I’d like to say that let us not be judgmental at the cost of somebody’s peace of mind. Maybe a little more empathy and respect from both sides could lead to a better and more co-existential state of affairs.

Sources: Psychology Today, Daily Hunt + more

Image Credits: Google Images

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