It has been more than 10 years since the most flashy era of our childhood has been over. Without a doubt, we could say that the late Millenials and the early GenZs lived in some kind of shared experience as if it were a predetermined standard set by an autocrat. 

India undoubtedly is the most diverse country on this planet. Still, many things that we got to use and enjoy have done an excellent job of bringing pre-teens and teens all over India together. We feel nostalgic, empathize, or feel remorse over the same things regardless of class. It is a feat that has hardly been achieved by our previous generations post-independence.

All of this can be attributed to an (almost) equal education system, shared cultural beliefs, globalization of trade, and the welcomed dominance of capitalistic markets spread across the country.

Feeling Nostalgic On Reddit:

r/IndiaNostalgia is a niche subreddit that I discovered a few weeks ago by the way of life, i.e., boredom. It does the perfect job of making us recollect very random things from our past that it makes us go “Oh, so it wasn’t a dream? :o”

When it comes to the late 90s or the early 2000s kids nostalgia, a lot of popular discussions boils down to Nataraj vs. Camlin geometry boxes, the duck-shooting TV game, 4-in-1 pens, pepcees (or chuskis), aluminium foil balls, Doordarshan intro music, and more.

But there are more unexplored areas in this sector that were a part of our life once upon a time and r/IndiaNostalgia is here to help us with remembering some of those.

Dairy Milk Wowie:

Does it ring a bell? The OG fancy chocolates before Cadbury launched Silk and Bournville. Even the haters of white chocolate bought it just for the masterpiece that it was.

There’s a petition to restart its production.

Japanese Paper Lanterns:

The art and craft period in school made us feel like a craftsman making these. Did anyone end up using these as actual lanterns though?

Indian Picnics/Family Day Out:

I used to think that this was one of the activities personalized to my family, where we go out with our extended families to the beach/zoo/park. I guess I was wrong.

Book Labels:

“This is your last warning. If you bring your notebook without cover and label tomorrow, don’t bother entering the class!”

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Ball Ice-cream:

Ball Ice-creams took the youth of India by storm in the early and mid-2000s. No matter the quality of the ice cream, the pleasure of eating out of it made it hit differently.

Hero – Bhakti Hi Shakti Hai

One very popular Indian nostalgia topic is Shaktimaan, and is often jokingly compared to Marvel or DC superheroes. Only true early GenZ and late Millenials know the spectacle this is.


Though useless, it was an item of prestige for many of us in elementary school. The image-changing (lenticular) stickers on it were a sight!

Camel Paste:

Two words – A MESS. Was it worth all the ickiness and tears just to stick a picture of a tiger on the “wild animals” chart for an assignment?

Took you back memory lane?

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